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1.Why does a country need a constitution

Significance of constitution in democratic country. There are various reasons why a democratic country needs a Constitution: The basic ideas on the basis of which we as citizens seek to live in our country are mentioned in the Constitution. It describes the fundamental nature of society; To define the nature of the political system of the country

2.Why does a country need a constitution

The importance of a constitution to a country cannot be understated. A country without a constitution will ultimately plunge into chaos. All countries need constitution in order to run smoothly.

3.Why does a country need a constitution

It is important to have a Constitution for the following reasons: It is a significant rule of the nation. The relationship of people with governments is decided by this.

4.Why does a country need a constitution

For a better future of the country we must need Constitution. The Constitution of the country gives a way to the citizens to live freely as they are being provided their fundamental rights. The Constitution also restricts the unlimited power of the ruling government so that the government may not misuse its power.

5.Why does a country need a constitution

A democratic country needs a Constitution because: → It lays out the important guidelines that govern decision making within the various societies of the country. → It lays down the ideals that form the basis of the kind of country that its citizens aspire to live in.

6.Why does a country need a constitution

Why Did We Need a New Constitution? August 28, 2014. May 11, 2015. by christineblackerby, posted in Teaching Activities & Lesson Plans. In April 1789, The First Congress had just begun under the new Constitution. Petition of mechanics and manufacturers of the City of New York, page 1, April 18, 1789; Records of the U.S. Senate.

7.Why does a country need a constitution

Why does Africa need a written constitution? Africa is a continent, not a country. There are over 50 countries in Africa, some of which have their own constitutions.

8.Why does a country need a constitution

We need a constitution because we need a government to protect our natural rights to life, liberty, and property. The constitution is the fundamental law within which the government must operate. We need protection from bad people such as murderers, oppressors, dictators, corrupt people, thieves, robbers, burglars, fraudsters, etc. and this is why we must have a government.

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1  Why Does a Country Need a Constitution
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longest written constitution of any country. It imparts constitutional supremacy (not parliamentary supremacy, since it was created by a constituent assembly…


fundamental Acts of a legislature, court cases or treaties. Constitutions concern different levels of organizations, from sovereign countries to companies and…

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