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1what year did mad max take place
What year did the original Mad Max take place? The original 1979 Mad Max movie (you know, the one with Mel Gibson as Mad Max), is set in a barren wasteland located in Australia. Civilization as we know it has been decimated, cities and its buildings no longer exist.

2Mad Max

Mad Max: December 6th, 1984 written on the Highway 9 Sector 26 sign “est. 1983” seen on the MFP plate at the gates of Halls Of Justice (not visible in the movie, info retrieved from a movie prop) Set ‘A few years from now (from 1979)’ Few = 2-5 years. Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior: Set three years after Mad Max. Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome:

3what year did mad max take place
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4Mad Max

Mad Max is a 1979 Australian dystopian action thriller film directed by George Miller, produced by Byron Kennedy, and starring Mel Gibson as “Mad” Max Rockatansky, Joanne Samuel, Hugh Keays-Byrne, Steve Bisley, Tim Burns, and Roger Ward.James McCausland and Miller wrote the screenplay from a story by Miller and Kennedy. Set in a future Australia, the film presents a saga of societal collapse …

5Mad Max

The title could have a double-meaning, some viewers interpret Max as Mad-angry, while others find he is mad-crazy. Both interpretations could be correct. Throughout the film Max tells his boss that he feels that he needs to quit the Main Force Patrol (the “Bronze”) because he thinks he’s starting to enjoy the carnage and mayhem that the job entails.

6Max Rockatansky

Mad Max: Road Warrior – This occurred three years after the events of Mad Max, placing Max’s age at about 26 years old. Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome – This takes place fifteen to eighteen years after Road Warrior, making Max about 40 years old. Mad Max: Fury Road – Max is in his mid 30’s, despite Fury Road technically being set after Thunderdome.

7what year did mad max take place
2060. Probably. Numerous reviews and other articles about Mad Max: Fury Road mention that it’s set in 2060. Here’s an article from the Toronto Sun that gives 2060 as the date as an example. Here’s another from Heavy. This calculation, as far as I …


In the tradition of the old Westerns and Mel Gibson’s Mad Max flicks, this film provides good escapist fun. Everyone behind the scenes did their part with aplomb, and the result is a feast for the eyes and ears.” Rotten Tomatoes gives the film a score of 46% based on reviews from 59 critics, with an average rating of 5.2/10.

9what year did mad max take place
I was wondering this myself. Mostly because Furiosa seems to say that she was born after the apocalypse, and she’s probably the same age or maybe older than Max (Charlize Theron is 39, Tom Hardy is 37). Mad Max seems to take place in the midst of societal collapse, when Max was in his early 20’s.

10what year did mad max take place
2027- World War III/The Oil War Apocalypse breaks out (12,405 days before ‘Fury Road’).It seems the war is centered upon resources of oil and water. Furiosa Jabassa is born in the Green Place. Daughter of Mary Jabassa, an exponent of a neo-tribe which developed before the apocalypse: The Vuvalini, also known as The Many Mothers. 2030- First limited nuclear exchange in the world.

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1The ‘Mad Max’ Franchise Is Actually Based on a Real-Life Apocalypse That Happened in the ’70s
If you’re a fan of the ‘Mad Max’ franchise, you may have, at some point, wondered if it’s based on real life. What year did ‘Mad Max’ really take place? Actually, the answer is pretty simple — and horrifying.
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1  Mad Max – And it’s coming closer
“… Feels so good but I’m old, 2000 years of chasing takin’ its toll, And it’s coming closer…” You could cut the chemistry between Furiosa and Max with a knife, I swear to god. THE OTP. I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THESE CLIPS/IMAGES/VIDEOS OR MUSIC THAT IS USED. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGMENT INTENDED. MADE IS ONLY FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES.
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Mad Max is a 1979 Australian dystopian action thriller film directed by George Miller, produced by Byron Kennedy, and starring Mel Gibson as "Mad" Max… Max

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