Why does stefan kill enzo in season 8?

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1.Why does stefan kill enzo in season 8?

Stefan turned off his humanity because he sold his soul to the devil, Cade. Cade later tells him to either kill 100 innocent souls or the love of his brother’s life i.e. Elena. Stefan chooses to kill Elena because his humanity is off and killing o…

2.Why does stefan kill enzo in season 8?

For me, where the story was when I came in and got involved, Stefan had just been the Ripper for a long period of time and killed Enzo. And the only way for him to come back from that, I felt, was…

3.Why does stefan kill enzo in season 8?

A major character dies on ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 8 Episode 11. … thanks to Stefan’s arrival at Bonnie’s secret property in Upstate New York. … (Oh, Enzo, why did you have to talk …

4.Why does stefan kill enzo in season 8?

Stefan then kills Enzo a third time and this time, purposely extracts Enzo’s heart from his chest, the same way Enzo killed himself for his second death. Both were mentally under a supernatural influence to kill people. Sybil mentally incapacitated Enzo by making him (and Damon) her servant to kill people for her.

5.Why does stefan kill enzo in season 8?

After 8 seasons of protecting Mystic Falls from supernatural threats, Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) died in the series finale of The Vampire Diaries.. In a selfless move, Stefan sacrificed himself so that his brother Damon (Ian Somerhalder) could have his happily ever after with Elena (Nina Dobrev). Although the twist was certainly shocking, there’s another reason why The Vampire Diaries …

6.Why does stefan kill enzo in season 8?

‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 8: Photos. Basically, everyone wanted that cure this week (it was like season six all over again); Bonnie and Enzo wanted him to take it so that they could get …

7.Why does stefan kill enzo in season 8?

A few episodes back, Stefan killed Enzo on The Vampire Diaries, but because Bonnie has some weird powers, her grief caused a ripple effect that created a new world in which Enzo is now hiding from…

8.Why does stefan kill enzo in season 8?

Stefan proceeds to transfer ownership of Bonnie’s house to someone else so that they can invite him in, all while Bonnie and Enzo dream about how they’ll one day live there together as humans.

9.Why does stefan kill enzo in season 8?

The Vampire Diaries, an American supernatural drama, was renewed for an eighth and final season by The CW on March 11, 2016. On July 23, 2016, the CW announced that the upcoming season would be the series’ last and would consist of 16 episodes. The season premiered on October 21, 2016 and concluded on March 10, 2017.

10.Why does stefan kill enzo in season 8?

All season long, we’ve watched Stefan (Paul Wesley) be chased down by the mysterious Huntress in The Vampire Diaries’ flash-forwards. But who is this woman and why is she after the youngest Salvatore?

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After The Vampire Diaries delivered eight seasons of epic romance, epic twists, and epic deaths, The Originals continued to advance the world of the series with five family drama-filled seasons of its own.

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1.Damon Salvatore

friends in the process. This reunion is short lived as Enzo is killed by Damon’s brother, Stefan, after finding out Damon had killed the love of Enzo’s life…

2.List of The Vampire Diaries characters

killed Maggie and then killed himself by having Stefan rip his heart out. He was resurrected in the season finale. Enzo is a series regular in season

3.Stefan Salvatore

the vampire hunter kills Ivy but is killed by Damon before the vampire hunter would kill anyone else. Enzo, figures out that Stefan‘s niece, Sarah is alive…

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