what does highlighted comment mean on youtube

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1.what does highlighted comment mean on youtube

The highlighted comment feature on YouTube helps you navigate the many comments on YouTube videos. Here’s what a highlighted comment means on YouTube.

2.what does highlighted comment mean on youtube

What does a top comment mean on YouTube? If you’re a frequent visitor, you must have seen that some comments get insane amounts of likes and are shown at the top. So, that’s really it: the ‘Top comments’ on YouTube are basically the ones that have accumulated a bunch of likes.

3.what does highlighted comment mean on youtube

Highlighted Comments is a label or tag that you see when you click to view or reply to a comment when you’re not in a video’s comment thread. Highlighted Comment In most cases you could be coming from the new activity YouTube notification that you get on your email or from the notifications on your YouTube dashboard including the notification bell (all shown below):

4.what does highlighted comment mean on youtube

Highlighted Comments is a “tag” that you see when you choose to view or reply to a comment from a YouTube comment notification. … It’s Youtube’s way of pointing out to you a specific comment. In this case it could be the comment you wish to view or reply to in a video’s comment thread.4. jan. 2017

5.what does highlighted comment mean on youtube

It simply is a way to ‘bring to notice’ a particular comment. This happens when a comment gets more than usual attention and the activity around it makes it ‘happening’. The selection does not indicate much except that the comment generated a lot …

6.what does highlighted comment mean on youtube

As having many highlighted comments on many videos, I can tell you. If your comment gets over 2k likes, and has 50 or more replies within a certain period of time, then it becomes highlighted. I also believe that the uploader can choose the highlighted comment as well, but I could be wrong.

7.what does highlighted comment mean on youtube

“Highlighted comment” is another way of saying “flagged comment.” For example, after commenting on a someone s video, my comment was labeled “highlighted comment.” After that, I have not been able to comment on a single video.

8.what does highlighted comment mean on youtube

This video pretty much sums up what a highlighted comment is. Please like and subscribe. Suggestions for new videos are open to consideration. Thank you.

9.what does highlighted comment mean on youtube

“We’re happy to say that it is. Today, we’re introducing a “highlights view” of comments which summarizes top rated comments, uploader comments, video responses and recent comments in a single “front-page story” that you can drill into for more detail.

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1  What are Highlighted Comments in YouTube?
Support Journey Bytes: ☑ Get his professional web design & development services @ ☑ Follow his Blog @ *** **ABOUT** This video is a follow up to my other video ( on why YouTube comments were failing to post when there was a Highlighted Comment …
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2  what is a Highlighted comment on youtube
what is a Highlighted comment on youtube
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