How Strong Images Can Help Dealerships Sell More Cars

How Strong Images Can Help Dealerships Sell More Cars

E-commerce has changed how we do shopping. Visits to physical stores are getting fewer by the day, and good product images are determining which e-commerce store sells more.

While a detailed product description keeps the customer informed, a good picture makes them see the product’s quality. One survey found out that 67% of buyers made a purchase decision based on product images alone.

For car dealerships, the importance of a good car photo needs no emphasis. A 360-degree picture of the exterior and interior of a car gives your customer a feel for the vehicle. Good images turn prospects into customers long before they visit your dealership physically. Here’s how good photos can help your dealership sell more cars.

1.   They Emphasize Quality

Awesome images show the quality of your cars better than descriptive words in product reviews. Professional photos boost your brand’s credibility and make your business stand out in a competitive marketplace. 86 percent of car buyers spend their time researching online before visiting a local dealership, and good images can help them make up their minds quickly.

To make your customers feel comfortable buying from you, avoid pixelated photos. Any irrelevant images shouldn’t appear anywhere in the product pages. Ensure the background of each image is clean to prevent customers from focusing on other things. Large, high-resolution images with zooming options have a bigger impact.

2.   They Give Customers a Near Showroom Experience

In physical showrooms, a customer can view cars from every angle. They can even take the car for a test drive to see how well it performs on the road. Give your customers a near-showroom experience through good images of different product angles.

Let customers clearly see the interiors and exteriors of your cars. To enhance the experience, you can use 360-degree rotatable images with zooming options. Multiple views of the cars with different color variations keep shoppers engaged and informed enough to make a purchase decision quickly.

3.   They Market Cars

Good images are powerful marketing tools. Different clear photos help your customers visualize the cars. To make their imagination more vivid, take pictures of your cars while they are in use.

For a farmer looking for a 4-wheel drive pick-up truck, a good photo showing a loaded truck negotiating an incline is better than a photo of the same truck in a showroom. Photos of cars in action help customers decide whether the vehicles are ideal for their lifestyles.

Start Using Images to Sell Cars

Google Trends shows that e-commerce sites are increasingly using photography. The data reinforces the importance of good images to your dealership’s sales.

The average car shopper makes a purchase decision based on online research. They only visit two dealerships at most before purchasing cars. Good images go a long way in helping these customers decide fast.

Make sure your product reviews are accompanied by good photos to back up the information. The car buying process is moving online, and good images will soon dictate which dealership makes a sale.