How to Start a Successful Podcast

How to Start a Successful Podcast

The podcast is something that has pretty much taken the entire world by storm at this point, and there seems like there are an infinite number of people who think that they have an amazing idea for a podcast.

You might have an amazing idea for a podcast, but the difference between you and the average Joe or Jane is that you’re here, reading information about how to A.) Start a podcast, and B.) Make your podcast a successful one.

Why make your podcast successful? Well, you’ll want to make sure that you stake your claim when it comes to the 144 million podcast listeners in the United States alone. You will want to share your content, your ideas, and, well, yourself and your point of view with as many audience people as possible.

Below, we go over a few important measures to take when starting your podcast.

Podcasting Equipment

You’ll want to make sure that you invest in decent equipment — this way your podcast has as much production value as possible. Explore avenues online that will help you save money. Make sure that you get equipment that is pragmatic for the space you’ll be operating in.

Choose Your Space

You’ll want to record in the most quiet place in your house — a walk-in closet is the ideal place for recording your podcast. Bonus points if you can find a way to soundproof your recording studio.

Focus on the Content

It’s important that you figure out what kind of content you want to produce before you start recording. Are you going to tell fictional tales or an ongoing seasonal narrative, or are you going to talk about popular culture in some sort of fresh way we haven’t heard before, or even do interviews with a new and original lean.

Increase production value by including segments that you have every episode in order to give viewers some amount of continuity, which goes a long way in establishing a loyal audience.

You’ll want to make sure that your tone and content is attractive to your target audience. For instance, if you’re a younger person talking about popular culture, your audience might be people around your age and younger. If a person more advanced in age wants to start a podcast about gardening, their target audience might be more broad or focused on senior citizens or retirees.

Once you make some key decisions, it’s important to make sure that you have enough content and ideas to carry your initial season. Try to have several episodes ready before you launch.

Increase audience engagement by spreading the word on social media. Try to be a guest on other podcasts and have them plug your show.

Finding financial resources to start and keep your podcast going might seem difficult, but you don’t have to necessarily resort to racking up credit card debt. Pawn shops and car title loans online are both viable options if you have collateral you can put up — this way you often pay one small fee related to your loan rather than monthly interest. You can pay these sorts of short-term loans off early in order to pay less interest as well.

Keep your podcast fresh and make sure to pay attention to constructive criticism. Pay attention to how people are talking and interacting with your show and try to inspire and delight your listeners with each new episode.