Important Tips and Advice You Need to Know Before Buying Linear Actuator for Automation of Your Home       

Important Tips and Advice You Need to Know Before Buying Linear Actuator for Automation of Your Home       

Are you going to automate your home? Yes, there are many things that you can change there to boost the home functionality and comfort. And the best thing about it is that many projects you can handle on your own, with some actuators.

You can automate your old desk, the bed to store things under it, you can fix your kitchen and install there lift columns for devices you cannot accommodate elsewhere, and similar. You can even build a TV lift! Just choose a linear actuator controller and actuators properly.

To start with any automation project, you will need to buy actuators.

How to Choose Linear Actuators for Every Automation Project

Getting correct actuators is one of the main aspects in your every automation project. If the actuator doesn’t perform the expected function, the project will not be successful. So, when choosing actuators, check the following:

  • The actuator`s stroke length: the actuator shall move at the needed distance. If the stroke length is not sufficient, the desk, TV lift, bed, or whatever isn`t going to move to the needed level. Thus, the new item will be non-functional. If the stroke length is too big, you will need to fix a limit switch to control the movement and make the actuator stop at the needed level.
  • The power: the actuator or actuators shall be able to move the object. So, if you are choosing actuators to move a desk, they shall be able to handle its weight + the weight of equipment that you use. If you are going to build a TV lift, and if the actuators aren’t able to handle its weight, the expensive can even fall and break down.
  • The IP level: for indoors, any actuator would work. But if you are looking for actuators for an outdoor installation, the IP level is crucial. Your actuators shall be able to work in the conditions where you are installing them. So, for outside, check actuators that are resistant to water drops, some dust. If you live in severe conditions, take it into account when choosing the actuators.
  • The noise generation level: it is important for home automation. If you don’t want to run away from a room every time you are going to use the automated installation, choose actuators that are more or less silent.

Now, you know about the main features of actuators to pay attention to. Check what controls are more convenient. While for some cases, a remote control is the best option, for others, a relay is also ok.

Check what delivery options the manufacturer offers. If the company doesn’t send the items to your location, you can check marketplaces online to find out whether the manufacturer is represented there.

If you have any doubt or issues, don’t hesitate to contact a company representative and ask any questions that interest you. A reliable manufacturer always has somebody online to help you with whatever requests you might have.