Why CBD Oil is Effective

Why CBD Oil is Effective

CBD oil is one of the many compounds that can be found in hemp and marijuana; the two common cannabis plants. It has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its legalization in the United States on one part. On the other hand, its ability to be used for treating a wide range of diseases makes it quite useful.

The United States Senate legalized its usage through the Farm Bill of 2018 and this has opened up its market. Bear in mind that although CBD oil can be extracted from two cannabis plants, the one from hemp is the preferable choice. This is because it has better quantity and quality in terms of CBD content.

The challenge with marijuana is that it contains lower levels of CBD and higher levels of THC. This is also part of the many compounds in cannabis but THC has an intoxicating power. When used at a certain high level, it brings about unpleasant psychotic behaviors for the user. For this reason, the Farm Bill deems any product that contains more than 0.3% of THC illegal.

While THC may also be found in hemp, it is in very low quantities as compared to marijuana. In fact, a hemp plant can be cultivated to contain no traces of THC at all. The same cannot be said of marijuana as THC is one of its main active compounds.

Cannabidiol is another name by which CBD is known. It may be extracted from most parts of the cannabis plant; stem, leaves, stalk and seeds. A larger quantity is found in its flowers which can sometimes be referred to as buds.

Cannabidiol Extraction and Products

There are three ways of extracting CBD oil from the plant. These are through the use of a solvent such as propane and butane or by using olive oil. The third method is by CO2 extraction which is the best way to get the purest product.

CBD can be used in making a variety of products after extraction. Its oil can be used directly. It can be made into products such as cigarettes, vapes, wraps and rolls for smoking and inhalation. It may also be made into capsules, pills, balms, sprays lotions and edibles such as gummies.

Cannabidiol can be used sublingually, topically, ingested, or inhaled. The method of use largely depends on the kind of products that you buy. The best ways of using it are through inhalation and sublingually. Using it in these ways is more effective and brings about the entourage effect.

How Does CBD Oil Work and What Makes it So Effective?

Cannabidiol is quite effective because of its interactions with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This is a system in the body of mammals (humans and animals) that is responsible for most functions. It controls and regulates bodily functions such as sleep, mood, appetite, memory and reproduction.

The ECS also strengthens the immune system as well as the central nervous system. The ECS produces substances like enzymes and natural cannabinoids that aid its functioning. An important part of this process is the cannabinoid receptors that are present in the ECS.

Two of the most important endocannabinoids produced by the ECS are CB1 and CB2 along with enzymes like serotine. The ECS may not produce these substances due to a variety of reasons and this will result in sicknesses and diseases. At this point, external cannabidiol can be introduced to help take the place of the natural cannabinoids.

CBD oil mimics the activities of the natural CB1 and CB2 and this causes the ECS to respond accordingly. This helps to restore its proper functioning and bring good health to the user. You can read more about the ECS here.

How to Use CBD Oil Sublingually

CBD oil is typically used sublingually. This is by using tinctures and putting two or three drops underneath the user’s tongue. This is held underneath the tongue for a few minutes before swallowing it.

The advantage of the sublingual method is that it is fast and effective. There are sublingual glands underneath the tongue that absorbs cannabidiol and make it available to the body immediately. CBD oil may also be added into food or in cosmetics but these are not as effective as using it sublingually.

Cannabidiol Side Effects

Oftentimes medications usually come with side effects but cannabidiol does not to a large extent. First-time users however, may experience symptoms such as:

  • Loss of Appetite
  • Fatigue
  • Lethargy
  • Dry mouth
  • Drowsiness

With continual usage, the body adjusts to its use and these reactions will disappear before you know it. If you experience severe symptoms, it is likely a result of a poor-quality product and you should discontinue its use.

Buying CBD Oil

It is important that you buy only from reputable sources that you know when buying any cannabidiol product. This is because the cannabidiol market is very open and there is a proliferation of low-quality products alongside good ones.

Make sure to buy products that are natural and use the price as an indication of the product’s quality. Cannabidiol products are not quite cheap so avoid buying cheap products that can be harmful when used. You can learn more about buying cannabidiol here


CBD oil is a highly effective substance. It can be used for treating a variety of ailments without any side effects. You should buy from trusted sources to ensure that you are getting the best out of your product.