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Why Every Glam Girl Needs A Makeup Mirror?

Why Every Glam Girl Needs A Makeup Mirror?

It really doesn’t matter whether you’re using big brand names in cosmetics or you’re happy to go with something you picked up in your local drugstore. The trick is perfect application.

And it really doesn’t matter whether you have an ornate dressing room or you apply your makeup in the bathroom. The trick is the perfect mirror.

Glam girls (whether you’re 16 or 60) know these facts all too well.

That’s why you immediately think “mirror” when you think of makeup and for that, you need your special makeup mirror.

What Are Makeup Mirrors?

These versatile and handy beauty tools come in a variety of styles, sizes and price bands. They’re not just useful for makeup, but you can also check your face for stray hairs or unruly eyebrows before you step out in all your glory.

Take a look at your makeup routine – it’s not the same every time. A quick spritz of moisturizer, a dash of mascara and lip gloss for the day, more products and sophistication for the evenings and special occasions. This means you have to get it right every time.

Makeup mirrors are concave mirrors – this means that the mirror is spherical and curved inwards. This configuration helps to focus light and magnify the object that’s being reflected. Unlike plain or normal mirrors, they provide a larger and more focused view of your face or a particular feature such as the lips or eyes.

The advantage of using a make-up mirror is that you can ensure that every part of your face looks great and that the makeup is evenly applied. This may not be possible in plain mirrors where you don’t get a magnified view of your features. You could end up with smudged eye-liner, caked mascara or unevenly applied lipstick and foundation.

Makeup mirrors are usually hand-held and they can be flipped to show a convex image as well. This gives you a reflection from a distance, so that you get the overall big picture too. You can use both sides for the perfect effect.

Using a makeup mirror is a smart use of your time, because you can get it right the first time, without having to deal with smudges, crooked lines or clumsy blending.

Different Styles

You can select makeup mirrors based on design, style, price, convenience, brand, and how well it blends in with your dressing table.

Finish and Material: Makeup mirrors are made of glass, but the frames are available in a dazzling array of materials, ranging from wood to plastic, metal, bone-china, ceramic, glass, silver, faux gold and more. You can select polished, matte or antique finishes, or pick frames painted in different colors. Other choices would include carved and embellished frames, or frames that express minimalist and functional chic. Most professional makeup artists have a favorite brand or type of makeup mirror that they use regularly.

Design: The most popular design is round, with a full-flip, dual-sided design on a pedestal. However, you can also choose square or horizontal foldable tri-fold designs that give you a triple view of your face – front and both profiles. Sleek, skinny makeup mirrors are great to pop into your purse for that quick touch-up at work or while traveling. Mirrors with adjustable arms are a great option. Oval mirrors are elegant and flattering, and provide a charming retro look to your dressing table. Advanced technology mirrors such as the motion sensor mirror help you to get a sharper view.

Lighting: Light is a crucial aspect of applying makeup. You will need a combination of both natural and artificial light. This helps you to apply the right products correctly for day or night, casual occasions, formal or special events, photo-shoots or Instagram. In the glamour days of Hollywood, makeup mirror frames had a surround attachment of lighted bulbs. While these are eye-catching and ultra-chic today, they may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Instead, you can choose makeup mirrors with LED lights on the borders, battery-operated mirrors for traveling or spot-lit mirrors for focused definition. Choose a mirror that has adjustable lighting that can be dimmed or brightened according to your choice. For day time makeup application, choose a location close to a natural source of light where you can place your makeup mirror. This will give you a softer and more natural look, rather than a harsh and over-painted appearance.

Mirror magnification: The whole idea of a makeup mirror is to give you a closer look at your face. Magnification in makeup mirrors comes from the concave shape of the mirror. They are available in different levels of magnification and you can choose the right one for yourself, based on your own visual needs. Generally, magnification is available in the range of between 3x and 15x. This helps you to apply your eye-shadow, eyeliner and mascara, fix your fake lashes and also wear your contact lenses. When you need to tweezer your eyebrows or upper lip and chin, using the makeup mirror next to a strong light source gives the best results. If you need to wear glasses to correct your vision, pick a magnification level that matches your lens power.

Placement: The most convenient place for your makeup mirror is obviously atop your dressing table. The bathroom shelf is also a great location provided the lighting is good enough. Small, table-top models are versatile enough to be portable. This is great when you want to move it close to a window for natural light, or to get a view of the back of your hair. Smaller mirrors are ideal for the bathroom shelf, where they can easily fit in. Ensure that they’re of non-breakable material, because we’re usually barefoot in these spaces.

Choosing The Right One: Tips and Tricks

  • You can have more than one makeup mirror. A larger one for a permanent space on your dressing table, a smaller one for the bathroom and a foldable, sleek one for traveling
  • LED lights are more economical and less harsh. Choose one with adjustable light settings
  • Don’t select a very high level of magnification because this gives a more distorted image
  • Double-sided mirrors give you a combination of close-up and distant images
  • Choose a good quality mirror and frame for durability and better effectiveness
  • Avoid gimmicky effects such as green or pink lighting
  • For lighted mirrors, select low-wattage with low lumen
  • Select a mirror in sync with your eyesight