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Get in the know about the origin of these iconic Bingo calls

Get in the know about the origin of these iconic Bingo calls

Bingo is just one of those games that has been around forever. Starting off as an in-person affair, Bingo has quickly made a name for itself online on sites such as: It’s online that the future of Bingo can be seen, as technology continues to advance and an increasing amount of players flock to grab a piece of the action.

To give you an idea of where the game first began, it’s thought that the original form of Bingo was actually a version of the Italian Lottery that was frequently played in 1530. The game continued to evolve across 19th century Europe, as it found itself moving away from Lottery and into its own limelight as a standalone pastime, gradually migrating over to America by the early 1900s.

The name “Bingo” was coined by Edwin S. Lowe in 1929, when he came across it at a carnival, although it was then being referred to as “Beano”. That was enough for Low to get the gaming bug, and he brought the concept home with him, all the way to New York, to enjoy with his friends. During one of the regular games, someone called out “Bingo” by mistake, and Lowe found that he preferred that name so went on to coin it as his own. It was from there that Bingo was welcomed into the word of mass distribution and began to snowball into the phenomenon that we know and love today.

It is thought that Bingo calling was invented when the game was reimported into the UK in the 1950s. The idea was to inject a little more fun into the game with nicknames and cockney rhyming slang attached to each digit. Some of these terms come from a version of Bingo called “Housey Housey” that was enjoyed by soldiers during the second World War, where the calls were made up to lift their spirits at such a dark time.

Whilst some of these slang terms are still used today, there’s a whole host of newer nicknames that have been brought into the game. Let us fill you in on a few of the most interesting origin stories:

Number 9 – “Doctor’s Orders”

The origin of this number’s nickname comes from an alleged slang term for a laxative pill that was frequently given to the troops, believed to be a cure for a whole host of illnesses. This was at a time where doctors held the belief that to cure something, the body simply needed to be drained and emptied. With this kind of thinking, you can see why their next top treatment wound up to be leeches!

Number 10 – “Boris’ Den”

This Bingo call is frequently adapted, depending on who is the current Prime Minister living in Number Ten at the time of the game. This is also where rhyming comes into play – with “den” and “ten” sounding just right together.

Number 17 – “Dancing Queen”

Another rhyming one, this Bingo call draws inspiration from the iconic Abba song Dancing Queen, which contains the well-known lyrics:

“You are the Dancing Queen,

Young and sweet,

Only seventeen”.

This song is undoubtedly a classic and is bound to get everyone involved.

If this little slice of history has left you hungry to dabble with your own game of Bingo, why not hop online and give it a go yourself! And, whilst you wait between games, we recommend trying your luck with the Fluffy Favourites slot game to really give you that all-round fun gaming experience!