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When you are driving a vehicle like your car, your only connection to the road tires; hence tires play a very important role in ant vehicles. Tires not only run your car more efficiently and smoothly but are very significant for the safety of your life. Horrible accidents occur on motorways or highways when a vehicle is going at high speed and one of the tires bursts. Therefore you need to have fit tires.

Characteristics of a Good Tire


The only contact which your car has with the road are the tires. Therefore their traction plays an important role in the safety of your life. If you want to accelerate your vehicle, brake, or turn in another direction, the vehicle’s stability depends upon your tire’s grip. Tires are designed according to specific types of road conditions as well as weather.  

Fuel Consumption:

There is a greater influence of tires on your car’s consumption. Your automobile consumes some percentage of fuel due to tires called “rolling resistance.” Good quality tires consume less fuel. As a result saving of your money.

Life of a Tire:

The tire is generally considered an expensive part of a car. Therefore you should take care of its quality. The life and longevity of your vehicle’s tire mostly depend on where and how you are driving.

Good quality tires are designed in such a way that they absorb bumps and ensure a smooth drive.


This is another important factor for a smooth and comfortable drive. It depends upon the number of grooves and their positions. Grooves play an important role in how much noise is produced by your car’s tire as well as its grip on the road.


You may drive on all sorts of roads, smooth, uneven, or damaged. Your vehicle’s robustness is the capability to handle all types of hazards.  

Driving Control:

It is very important to steer, change direction, accelerate, and brake your car according to road conditions. It enhances the lives of your tires and smooth and comfortable drive, but better quality tires play an important role.

Choosing the Best Tires

Choosing the right tire which handles road conditions and weather for your car is one of the most crucial decisions you have to make. Remember, your vehicle’s tires are your only connection with the road, so make sure to choose the most appropriate and good-conditioned tires. The following factors have to be considered when purchasing tires:

Original Tires:
This means the brand of tires which come with your car when it comes in the market from the car company. These tires were manufactured for your car. Hence they are the most appropriate and good fit. You can find out the information of those original tires from your car’s user guide, manual, or retailer’s website.  

Comfortable Tires:
Your vehicle’s tires should not only be fit in size but also have handling and braking capability. They should not produce much road noise giving you a quiet, smooth and comfortable drive.

The size of a tire in a car plays a very important role. It provides you a smooth and comfortable drive by handling the bumps on the road and increases your car’s mileage. The size of a tire means its width and diameter, but all retailers dealing with tires recognize them by a specific code (a string of numbers). For example, Alto VXR’s tire size is 145-70-R12. You can also find the right size from the retailer’s website or Google search on the internet.  

Types of Tires

All-season Tires:

As obvious from its name, these tires can be used throughout the year irrespective of season or weather. These are the most commonly used tires that provide good traction and grip on the road. Whether summer, winter, rainy, icy or for any climate, these tires fit all circumstances.  

Summer Tires:

These tires are best suited for a warm climate, provide good grip on dry roads and perform very well on high speeds. That is why these tires are most appropriate for sports cars. The rubber of these tires does not provide good grip on the road in the temperature below 40 degrees or snowy grounds.   

Winter Tires:

These tires are made up of flexible rubber, which is most suitable for cold weather. They have special grooves and slits called “SIPES,” which break the ice and convert it into the snow, giving a smooth and comfortable drive. Winter tires are not suitable in another season as they reduce the performance of your car. 

Ultra-high-performance Tires:

These tires are used in sports cars and come in W-, ZR-, and Y- Y-speed sports ratings. They have excellent road grips and keep cars in very stable conditions, that is why their prices are high compared to other types. 

When to Change Tires:

Some people continue driving with tires badly worn, which is a dangerous act and threat to your life. If you feel that a tire has started giving a problem, as your car is running uneven, replace the spare tire and search for the new one as early as possible.

Style of Driving:

The lives of tires depend very much on the style of driving by the drivers. Generally, it has been seen that sober and aged people drive at a slow or medium speed taking care of road bums, but the younger generation has a slightly fast and rough style. 


Tires play a significant role in the smooth, efficient, and comfortable running of a car and the safety of drivers and passengers’ lives. Good tires have a good grip on the road, handle bumps, make noise, and save your fuel. However, it is very important to select the most suitable tires for your vehicle. When a tire is damaged, one should not take the risk of driving on it but change it as soon as possible. There are different types of tires, but most people in the world use All-season tires. For a good tire to be changed, consult your tire expert, read your car’s manual,  go to the retailer’s website, or search the internet.