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4 things not to do as an online gambler

4 things not to do as an online gambler

Almost all situations have some rules that govern how to act when you are engaged and playing online casino games is not an exception. You may be thinking that gambling should be fun and not regulated. However, just because you add rules to your gameplay does not mean that your gambling experience cannot be enjoyable.

Instead, what rules do is protect you from encountering any unwanted negative consequences. For example, having money management rules could help protect you from spending more than you intended in the casino.

This article will look at some helpful rules on what you should not do in a casino.

1.  Don’t get too intoxicated.

Just because gambling is your leisurely activity does not mean you should throw caution to the wind. Science has shown that drugs affect the part of your brain called the prefrontal cortex. This is the part of the brain responsible for executive functions like thinking, impulse control, and decision making. If you are too intoxicated, you severely affect how your prefrontal cortex works, which can cause you to make some decisions you may regret later.

What to do if you still want to drink and gamble?

In this case, it may be wise to set limits on how much you can drink. Drinking and gambling often go together. It’s not uncommon to see drinks being served in brick-and-mortar casinos. It, therefore, makes sense that you may be reluctant to not drink when gambling.

So, if you still want to drink, you should probably set a limit for yourself. Your limit is guided by you much you can drink before your decision-making is affected. An example of a limit can be; if I have drink X bottles of beer, then I have to stop playing. While the example used here is drinking, this applies to all types of drugs.

2.  Don’t play without a bankroll

Many articles have been written on money management at a casino. Having a bankroll is one rule that you will find in almost all of these articles. But what is a bankroll? A bankroll is a predefined amount of money with which you intend to gamble. Often, this is money that has no other predetermined use. Having a bankroll prevents you from spending more money than you intended to at the casino.

What are other money management rules at the casino?

Other than having a bankroll, here are other money management rules you should adhere to when gambling.

  1. Don’t borrow money or take a loan to gamble with.
  2. Have a set stake for your games.
  3. Don’t try to win back your losses. Accept your losses gracefully. In other terms, don’t play with money you cannot afford to lose.

3.  Don’t play games you do not understand

This sounds obvious, but in the heat of the moment, some people completely ignore it. This is especially true when they find out that the payout is enormous. Let’s say, for example, they find out that the payout for the progressive jackpot is $10,000. Some people will do anything to try and win that money. They argue that casino games are all about luck. Yet, if these people do not understand the rules of the game, what will likely happen is that they will lose their money.

What are the types of games at casinos?

It’s important to remember that there are really two types of games at casinos. First, there are games of pure luck. These types of games do not require any knowledge on your part. For example, you do not need any skill or knowledge to play the slots. The other types of games need both strategy and luck. For example, playing poker depends on two things; your strategy and the cards you are dealt.

If you want to play games that need luck, all you need is your money. However, if you’re going to play games that require a strategy, you may need to invest some time learning the rules of the game as well as rehearsing your strategy before playing. Remember that while the casino always has the edge over the players, it has a more significant edge in games of pure luck than strategy games.

4.  Don’t accept a bonus without looking at the terms and conditions

These days, it is pretty common to find casinos offering new and existing players bonuses and promotions. After all, who does not like free money. When it comes to new players, new player bonuses allow players to enjoy a new casino for longer giving them more time to evaluate it and see if it fits their needs.

Yet, not all bonuses are good bonuses. The thing that distinguishes a good casino bonus from a lousy casino bonus is its terms and conditions. If the bonus has high wagering requirements before you can withdraw your winnings, it is probably a bad bonus.

If the bonus withdrawal terms also include a lot of the money you deposited, stay away. If the casino has the sole responsibility to decide if you get your winnings or not, stay away. Some of the best bonuses are no deposit bonuses that allow you to play without staking any money into the casino at first.


Rules may seem restrictive, but in many cases, boundaries are what bring about freedom. That is a philosophical argument you can always research later on. The point here is that some of these rules may seem restrictive, but in the long run, they allow you to enjoy yourself more and play for longer.