How to choose a camping tent while traveling

How to choose a camping tent while traveling

Camping is one of the best ideas to make your vacations exciting and relaxing. There you can spend quality time with your family, friends, and lovers. If you are a beginner at camping and worried about choosing a perfect tent, don’t worry because we are here to assist you. This article will cover all relevant information regarding how to find an ideal tent.

There is an extended list of camping tents available to buy, which can be confusing and hard to choose from. If you’re gearing up go on camping for the first time but don’t have any idea about the type of tent to choose. For your ease, we have jotted down some smart tips that will help you buy your first camping tent. Let’s dive in.

How much space do you need?

First, decide on how many people will stay in a tent. where will you keep the gear? inside or outside the tent or where the dog will sleep? Space can be estimated by Peak height and floor area. There is no set standard for estimating the floor area. But in a broad sense. it refers to the number of sleeping bags that fit in the tent, With a few centimeters of space between them. Peak Height is the distance from the floor to the highest point of the camping tent. Make sure that the peak height is enough for you to sit up, stand or crouch in your tent.

Weight of camping tents:

Camping divides into two types: Automotive camping and Backpacking

 Automotive camping:

In this type, you usually put your camping gear in your car. Since it takes place on established campgrounds with toilet and potable water facilities. The tent size isn’t a problem here. You ought to think about a load of the ironed size of the tent even as the tent, therefore, you’ll be able to convey it even as mastermind it here and there. You’ll likewise need to think about an assortment of different provisions, like inward circles and pockets, just as a vestibule to keep every one of the various sorts of camping gear you have that you need to be careful and dry.


In backpacking, hiking several miles with your gear strapped on your back is a given. Hence choosing a lightweight tent is best for you. Keep in mind to buy a tent one person bigger than you need, so you can enjoy the extra space after your big journey.

Setup before you buy:

Always set up the tent before purchasing. Or look for an already set up camping tent on the display, to get hold of how it’s working and its dimensions.

What type of weather you’ll be camping in?

If you’re camping in spring, summer, or fall, choose a 3- season camping tent. It is light in weight, becomes cooler in hot weather. 4-season camping tents are best for winters & mountaineering. Because they’re heavier in weight packed with insulation to give warmness in winters.

Tent Features:

Look for tent features that are useful for your stay.

➔ Doors:

Extra doors mean extra weight but they can be useful to avoid stepping over your fellow. when you have to respond to nature’s call.

➔ Vestibules:

Vestibules are like a little front porch to keep your gear or your shoes. A small vestibule can come in handy, to protect your gear from rain. You can also look for other accessories like gear loft which are like small fabric shelves which can hold your lightweight gear. Footprint to keep your floor waterproof and abrasion-free and flashlights.

  1. Tent space

The most important thing to look at while buying a tent is its space. While choosing, keep an

accurate record of how many people will stay or sleep in that camp. It is tricky because there isn’t any industry standard to describe tent dimensions according to each person.

So, what should you do? Always consider space for one extra person before buying a tent. It will ensure your comfort.

  1. Tents for every season

It is better to buy three seasons (including summer, fall, and spring) or four-season tents (including winter too). As they will be beneficial in the long run, and you won’t need to search for a tent that will be suitable for each season. Three-season tents are lighter in weight and stay cooler during extreme summers. At the same time, four-season tents are expensive and heavier because they need to withstand fierce wintery winds and snowfalls. Usually, people who enjoy camping all year buy one tent for three seasons and another for winters.

  1. Tent weight

Look for a tent that is light-weighted and spacious. But the problem arises because more space

usually increases the tent weight. If you require a tent for two people, buy a tent whose size is less than four pounds.


Camping can be a charming encounter in case you are exceptional with every one of the basics. A camping outing will require an assortment of things like a camping refrigerator, food, water, and a camping tent. There are many sorts of camping tents accessible on the lookout. A camping tent is your home aloof from home. invariably keep in mind that a camping tent doesn’t have to be compelled to be super costly or luxurious, it ought to be minimalistic however snug. If you work on these tips, you can make your tent a cozy liveable place and be able to enjoy the experience. They come in various plans, sizes, and shadings. You can settle on the most ideal decision as indicated by your necessities and prerequisites. It is significant that you do a market study prior to purchasing a tent of your decision. Don’t forget to check some of the best picks for camping tents recommended by Trekking Ground.