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6 Ways To Wear Earrings Without Them Hurting Your Ears

6 Ways To Wear Earrings Without Them Hurting Your Ears

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Hoops, dangly, celebrity-inspired drop earrings, you name it, and the ladies love them. Earrings are an integral accessory without which almost every outfit can look lackluster. A perfect pair of earrings can enhance even the simplest of get-ups. However, there’s a catch, and it is called hurtful earlobes.

After wearing heavy earpieces for a few hours, your ears might fall off because of the weight and pain. Yet many would endure this torture all for the sake of fashion and beauty, right? But who says you must avoid wearing your favorite pair of earrings if you have sensitive earlobes? Let’s face it, earrings, whether light or heavy, you won’t be throwing them away anytime soon. So, if you don’t want your ears to hurt while rocking some dangling bling, check out the following tips for pain-free ears.

1. Go for lightweight statement earrings

This is a no-brainer! We know how much you love those fabulous large, heavy hoops and chandeliers. However, sometimes your ears aren’t just built to lift the weight. People with sensitive or already stretched earlobes can choose simple and lightweight statement earrings. For instance, hollow geometric-shaped earrings are currently en vogue. Silver statement earrings are also an option. You can find Dreamland Jewelry’s collection of silver earrings quite suitable if you’re opting for minimalistic, no-fuss-no-pain earrings. You can also try other lightweight metals and hollow wood earrings that give off that exude a chunky vibe without discomfort.

2. Distribute weight with sticking tape

Lightweight earrings and studs are no problem unless you have highly sensitive earlobes. The real pain starts when you wear heavy dangly stuff. One of the reasons your gorgeous heavy earrings are tearing your earlobes is because of the center of gravity- all the weight concentrates in a single direction. To counter this, you must distribute the weight and alleviate the stress from your lobes. You can do this by using either an invisible ear support patch or some sticky tape. Cut a small piece of tape and put it on the back of the pierced hole. Insert your earring through the tape and secure the earring. Ear patches mainly help reduce the pain and distribute the weight over a more significant portion of the ear. With the patch in place, you can now enjoy flaunting your gigantic earrings over more extended hours.

3. Try different materials

Don’t want your already stretched earlobes to sag to the ground? No worries, you can always choose an alternative and still keep the trend alive. Heavy earrings are not heavy only because they are large or long but also because of the material used to craft them. Stainless steel and aluminum are both affordable and lightweight options compared to gold and silver. They have a lustrous surface, are highly malleable, and don’t rust quickly. Another inexpensive and light alternative is cobalt. It looks like white gold and is hypoallergenic as well. Ladies with extreme ear sensitivity can always opt for gold. Still, some gold alloys can also bother people with severe metal allergies.  So consult a skin specialist if you think you may have some allergies.

4. Use a kanser

Ladies absolutely in love with heavy statement earrings are primarily looking for ways to ease the pain instead of opting for alternatives. In such cases, a kanser is a great way to provide extra support while wearing something that has significant weight. It comes with a simple metal chain that is easily added to the earing to help the ear bear the extra weight. If your earring doesn’t have a kanser, you can simply add a chain into the pin that goes into the piercing. Connect it, clip it into the hair, and your ear will no longer need to bear the entire weight. You can even go for more decorative and embellished chains for fancier events. Another way to support your ears is to take a thread, make a knot on one side, and attach it to the top of the earring. Attach the other part of the thread to a bobby pin and pin it higher into your hair, and voila!

5. Clip-ons are better

Clip-ons are great if you don’t want the earring to pull on the actual piercing. These are a type of non-pierced earrings and great for people with sensitive lobes and unreadiness to commit to piercings. If you don’t mind a bit of a pinch behind your ear, then clip-on earrings will work wonders for you. There are plenty of choices for clip-on earrings to keep the modern fashionista look alive. You can opt for Victorian-era diamond drop earrings with a screw-back clip-on for a ravishingly luxurious look. People with allergies can choose pieces with invisible clip-ons made of clear acrylic or resin. They are comfortable, lightweight, and easily adjustable to various types of earrings.

6. Use a numbing cream

This is the most obvious option when everything else fails. We understand that sometimes you are just trying to deal with the discomfort and pain instead of quitting wearing earrings. In that case, you can always apply a safe numbing cream. Ask a doctor to recommend you the best cream. All you need to do is apply the recommended amount around the piercing. It will make you considerably unaware of the pain and the feeling of the weight. You can use it after wearing the earrings, but don’t overuse it and apply it repeatedly for a single occasion. You can also opt for simple home remedies like smothering Vaseline onto the hooks of the earrings before wearing them.

Some bonus tips

Along with trying the above hacks, you can also do a few simple things to avoid stretching your lobes and hurting them.

  • Always take off heavy earrings if you are exercising, running, or doing activities that may pull on them
  • Take your earrings off before going to bed to avoid injuring your ear
  • Do not wear heavy earrings for extended periods
  • Wear less clingy attire with heavy earrings to avoid pulling on them


What’s an outfit without a pair of gorgeous earrings? Even though it is almost impossible to give up on earrings no matter the occasion, there are still ways to manage the discomfort and pain of wearing them. People in love with heavy earrings may understand the torture their earlobes go through more than anyone else. Fortunately, with our easy yet practical tips, you can say goodbye to the discomfort and wear whatever you like!