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The best Desktop CNC Machines that will fit in your garage!

The best Desktop CNC Machines that will fit in your garage!

Source: pick3dprinter

For those working from their garage, finding a machine that is capable yet compact enough to fit through their doors is a difficult task. While some desktop CNC machines might offer impressive results, others are often too disappointing for professional applications.

Therefore, it is important to do a little research and find that one machine is suitable for small spaces, and performs no less than a beast. If you have failed miserably finalizing the device from multiple alternatives, we have got you covered.

We have curated the list of some of the best desktop CNC machines that are designed to sit on your desk or small enough to shift from one place to another.

1.   Three Axis CNC 3018 PRO

Are you from the woodworking industry? If yes, you must have heard of the RATTMOTOR. They are the most reputable creators of best CNC Routers available in the market currently. The 3 Axis CNC 3018 PRO not only can help businesses with their applications but is also a perfect DIY tool for home, or even your garage.

Being one of the best choices for small scale applications, the router is designed to offer compact and portable size. What matters is that the machine very well does its job with perfection and right way after setup.

It is certain that the 3 Axis CNC 3018 PRO will meet almost all of your expectations as a CNC router. Working as a breeze while cutting or carving different materials, this machine would be a great addition to your setup instantly.

As you may expect, the device needs assembly. However, with detailed instructions saved as a video on a CD, it won’t be a lot complex.

2.   CNC 3018 Pro GRBL Control

If you are looking for an affordable CNC router, yet capable of doing the heavy lifting for you, you must consider this CNC router by Mcwdoit. Along with its average size, the machine offers fast speed and precise cutting. Hence, it is certainly one of the best choices for those wanting to operate from their garage.

Another important feature that makes this choice such a desirable one is its capability to work offline. Just download the necessary files for completing the project in a USB and plug it to the drive into your offline connection. With 1 GB capacity of the online tool, you can carry out most of the woodworking projects with ease.

The machine supports a variety of different materials. You can easily carve wood, PCB CCL, plastic, acrylic, along with a few soft metals such as aluminum, copper and more. However, it cannot work with hard metal or jade, and similar materials. You also get a 12-month warranty with this machine.

3.   GRBL Control 3 Axis DIY Mini

This is fit for those who wish to own a professional CNC machine, however, wants it to easily fit inside their garage. Starting from a robust body made of aluminum alloy, to its high-end performance, the machine will impress you in every aspect. With such great design, the CNC router can work for continuous hours over extended durations.

It comes with a footprint of 400mm x 330mm x 240mm offering a workspace of 300 mm x 180 mm. The machine’s spindle moves to a height of 45mm while requiring a 24 V AC power source. To make this spindle highly powerful and efficient, the manufacturer has made it with air cooling systems.

This tool is best suited for broad applications. For instance, carving bamboo, wood, paper, plastic, leather, PCB, CCL, acrylic, and more.

4.   Genmitsu CNC 3018-PRO Kit

Being able to cut almost every type of wood, plastics, soft aluminum, acrylics, PCBs and PVCs, along with many other materials, this tool is very powerful. Allowing you to achieve an effective engraving depth of 1.8 inches, the machine is very precise.

On top of that, the machine comes with a simple assembly. In addition, its small size is very convenient to manage inside small shops. It offers a decent cutting space of around 300 x 180 x 45 mm. Hence, it is amazing for engraving significant sizes of materials in one go. Plus, it’s accurate and very efficient.

5.   Shapeoko 4 CNC Router-Carbide 3D

Shapeoko 4 is a new arrival, launched in May 2021, a product from Carbide 3D. It is an upgraded version over their popular Shapeoko 3 CNC machine. Hence, it offers better features and performance to the users. It can efficiently cut wood, PCB, plastic, HDPE, and MDF as well as some of the other non-metallic materials.

Apart from these, the machine is equipped to work with Aluminum sheets as well. The standard version of the machine occupies only 33″ x 24″, weighing just 70 lbs.

The Conclusion

Finding a CNC router that can fit inside your garage and does not compromise with the suitable features can come as a huge challenge. But, looking through the best options would certainly help considerably. Hence, do not forget to check the recommendations before you buy your CNC machine.