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Same-Sex Marriage: Planning the Wedding of Your Dreams

Photo by Ivan Samkov from Pexels

The legalization of same-sex marriage in all 50 states is a monumental milestone. You now have the ability and the legal right to tie the knot with your better half. Planning a wedding is an exciting experience. You get to plan on all the festivities and the long-awaited ceremony involved in a wedding with the love of your life.

It can be quite overwhelming to plan a wedding but it is worth it and quite fulfilling. The best part of getting married besides being betrothed to your soul mate is that you get to live out your fantasies and make your dream a reality. To help you plan the ultimate wedding you have dreamt of, this article will discuss some ideas and tips for planning a beautiful ceremony.

 Planning the Proposal

The proposal is a special stepping stone in this newfound commitment. It sets the ball rolling. The experience of being engaged is quite surreal. The proposal amongst queers is quite new. There have been a few instances where your gay predecessors got to marry their life partner.

Having no queer predecessors who got married before you can be very likely. You might be the first LGBTQ+ individual to get married amongst your family, friends, and community. This thought can be daunting and exciting at the same time. It is the start of something new.

You can read insightful online blogs and articles regarding same-sex marriage to get some inspiration and useful suggestions. This will also help you calm your nerves and control your wedding jitters. You got this, you can do this.

The essence of a great proposal is a profound romantic gesture that is incredibly heartfelt and wholesome. It is an amazing affirmation of your willingness to spend a lifetime with your beloved.

Proposal Ideas

Queer individuals face one common issue that is coming up with special ways of proposing to their significant other. Based on your and your partner’s preferences, the proposal can be intimate or elaborate. If you want a low-key and intimate proposal, you can do it at your home.

If you are proposing at home, create a romantic setting. You can light candles, adorn the walls with your favorite pictures and captured memories, or decorate the room with fairy lights and your better half’s favorite flowers, basically establishing an amorous environment.

You can also propose at the place where you first met your beloved and fell in love instantly. It can also be other quaint locations like the woods where you camped together under the starry night for the first time and knew that this person is the one.

If you intend to carry out an elaborate proposal, you can pull out the big guns. You can hire dancers and plan an elaborate musical with your soon-to-be fiancé/e’s favorite song. You can have the choreographed musical number performed in front of your balcony, and at the end of the dance, the dancers can hold placards saying “Will you marry me?”

Alternatively, you can also rent a whole movie hall where all your close friends and family members are present. Make sure it screens your love’s favorite movie. At the end of the movie, the burning question can be displayed in the credits scene.

Making It Official

Many queer individuals struggle in deciding whether to get an engagement ring. Engagement rings are a classic and timeless way to signify a lifelong union. However, any other accessory can also be a great memento to make it official.

If you are going for the engagement ring, you can patronize a jeweler that specializes in fashioning the perfect rings for queer couples. Whatever piece of jewelry or accessory you choose for signifying the special milestone should reflect the dynamics between your partner and you.

Legal Prerequisites for Gay Marriage

After making your engagement official, the actual planning for the wedding begins. After the legalization of gay marriage in the US, you now can be legally recognized as a legit married couple. It is imperative to get the official marriage license when you are getting married. Both you and your fiancé/e need to do some necessary paperwork and fill out the relevant forms.

The legal requirements of same-sex marriage differ from county to county. You should be well informed regarding these requirements and prepare the necessary documents. It is strongly recommended to browse through the local jurisdiction’s official website.

You can find the necessary forms and obligatory fees information from there. In most cases, to get a marriage license, you need to pay a general filing fee and show proof of identification like a driver’s license.

It is best to file for the license a few weeks before the wedding date. This is because it usually takes around two to three months for the license to be fully functional and valid.

Organizing the Wedding

Planning a wedding can be quite intimidating. Nevertheless, with the right strategies and initiatives, the planning process can be a cakewalk. It is essential to clear out and discuss together some crucial features of the wedding.

As a couple, both of you need to communicate clearly to make the nuptials run smoothly. The following aspects should be taken into account and discussed together when planning a wedding.

Assess Your Wedding Budget

The priority should be evaluating the total budget for the wedding. Both your partner and you should work out your finances. Find out how much money each of you can contribute to the wedding and if any family members will help. The total contributions will make up the entire budget for the wedding.

Based on your financial situation, you can plan the wedding within your means and affordability. In most cases, the wedding décor, venue, and catering take up a substantial chunk of the total expenses. If you have a low budget, it is wise to have a small and quaint ceremony with your closest friends and family members as guests.

The Wedding Venue

The venue of the wedding plays a crucial role, and its options are limitless. The site can be open space, closed, or a bit of both. Spaces in local hotels or plazas can be rented out for the ceremony. If you are going for a wide-open space, you need to consider the weather and climate conditions.

The weather needs to be favorable. The last thing anyone needs is to be drenched in an unforeseen storm and ruin your wedding attire. If you are struggling to select the ideal location, you can get suggestions from friends. You can also glance at the local reviews of the wedding venues near you.

It does not necessarily have to be a hotel or plaza area. It can be an old church where your parents got married. It can be a park or a picnic spot where you laid your eyes on the love of your life for the first time. It can also be the rooftop of the building where you had your first kiss with your beloved fiancé/e.

Destination weddings are another viable option, given that you have ample resources. You can have an intimate ceremony in an old Nordic church in Iceland. A fun getaway to the Caribbean can also be a great way to begin this new chapter of life together. A whimsical Tuscan wedding can also be ideal and will surely be memorable.

Saving the Date

Setting the wedding date is very important. You should take account of the time it takes for the marriage license to become valid. It takes around two to three months for the license to become valid, and you need to set the date accordingly. You also have to consider the seasonal changes and the weather during the month of the wedding.

Making the Guest List

To make the event more fulfilling, you will want all your well-wishers, friends, and family members to be part of the special occasion. Start making the guest list by including your favorite people first. It can be your best friend, your close friends, and a supportive aunt; basically, it can be anyone who you love and who has always had your back, loving you just the way you are.

After listing your favorite people, move on to other family members. As harsh as it sounds, it is best to not include relatives who are homophobic and rejected you when you came out. It is your wedding, and you can invite whoever you want, but just be aware that you and your future spouse could be hurt by the hostile remarks they may make.

Only include those family members and relatives who helped you out when you were at your lowest or during the dark time, especially the time you came out. You should also definitely include the ones who accepted you just the way you are and love you regardless.

Create a seating chart based on the RSVPs of the invitations. If you are facing issues with the seating, simply group the ones who know each other and do not hesitate to mix in others. Alternatively, just ensure there are enough seats for everyone on the guest list and allow them to sit at whichever table they like. This will eliminate a huge set of responsibilities and concerns.

Preparing the Invites

It is now time to move on to the invitations after fixing the guest list. It is a fun step where you get to choose the theme, style, and fonts of the invitations. Set the style according to the wedding theme. You need to ensure that the dress code, date, venue address, and time of the ceremony are mentioned in the invites. Make sure that the font is clear and can be easily read.

Final Words Stepping into this new phase of life with your true love is very exciting and a significant milestone. Make smart strategies for the perfect same-sex marriage that both of you truly deserve and have always dreamt of.