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1.Coca-Cola has a new soda called Starlight, and no one knows what it tastes like

Coca-Cola has a new Coca-Cola flavor called Starlight. Coca-Cola Company Coca-Cola has released a new soda flavor called Starlight — and apparently, it tastes like space. What’s happening: Coca-Cola announced it will be releasing a new soda flavor that …

Published Date: 2022-02-19T08:00:00.0000000Z

2.Coca-Cola introduces a first-of-its-kind flavor

New York ()Coke’s new flavor is out of this world. At least, that’s the idea behind Coca-Cola Starlight, a new limited-edition, zero-sugar version of the classic soda. After deciding to discontinue half of its portfolio a few years ago,

Published Date: 2022-02-17T18:01:00.0000000Z

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1.Nadji Jeter

national commercials and was the face of CocaCola in 2011. Jeter is a Star Power Ambassador for the Starlight Children’s Foundation. He has been involved…


2011. Retrieved January 21, 2011. Segran, Elizabeth (November 1, 2019). "CocaCola, Nestlé, and PepsiCo are the world’s biggest plastic polluters—again"…

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1.Coca cola starlight flavor

Also, it’s red. Or in the company’s words, “Coca-Cola Starlight combines great Coca-Cola taste with a dash of the unexpected, including a reddish hue.” To this reporter, after tasting a sample of…

2.Coca cola starlight flavor

Coca-Cola’s latest drink is out of this world! The beverage giant on Thursday announced the release of Starlight, a new limited-edition soda that combines the original Coca-Cola flavor with what …

3.Coca cola starlight flavor

The flavor is described as the classic Coke taste with an additional cooling taste, while the packaging features stars and a gradient of shades featuring the colors of a nebula.

4.Coca cola starlight flavor

What does Coca-Cola Starlight taste like? Starlight is inspired by outer-space and will bring an out of this world flavor. The drink combines the original Coca-Cola flavor with what the brand calls “a dash of the unexpected,” including a reddish color. Coca-Cola’s new beverage will be available in its original taste and zero sugar options.

5.Coca cola starlight flavor

Coca-Cola Starlight, even the zero sugar variety, is sweeter than a Pixy Stix milkshake, unlike the regular Coke Zero. Could it be raspberry? Maybe—Asia had strawberry Coke once. Was I picking up a…

6.Coca cola starlight flavor

Starlight Coke, which comes in both sugar-free and original form, has a reddish colour which the soft drink company describes as a “dash of the unexpected”. Coca-Cola have high hopes when it comes to the impact this new flavour will have, with a press release from the brand describing it aiming “to bring space to life with one sip” and

7.Coca cola starlight flavor

“Coca-Cola Starlight,” as revealed on Thursday (Feb. 17), “combines great Coca-Cola taste with a dash of the unexpected, including a reddish hue,” the company said in a release. “Its taste includes…

8. Coca cola starlight flavor

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