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1.Ukrainian marine sacrifices himself to blow up bridge, Ukrainian Military says

Ukrainian marine allegedly blows himself up to destroy bridge Russian forces could cross it. Vitaliy Volodymyrovych Skakun is being remembered as a hero.

Published Date: 2022-02-25T18:15:00.0000000Z

2.Act of Valor: Ukrainian marine blows himself up on bridge to stop Russian tanks from advancing

Ukrainian marine Vitaly Skakun Volodymyrovych sacrificed himself in order to blow up the Henichesk bridge in the southern province of Kherson, which Russian tanks were attempting to use to advance in Crimea,

Published Date: 2022-02-26T11:33:00.0000000Z

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1.Ukrainian Navy

The Ukrainian Naval Forces (Ukrainian: Військово-Морські Сили України, ВМСУ, Viys’kovo-Mors’ki Syly Ukrayiny, VMSU) is the navy of Ukraine and part of…

2.Kerch Strait incident

the first time that Russian forces had openly engaged Ukrainian forces during the Russo-Ukrainian conflict. In 2014, Russia had annexed the nearby Crimean…

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1.Ukrainian marine bridge

The Ukrainian military has released a statement thanking a marine for allegedly sacrificing himself in order to demolish a bridge that would allow Russian tanks to advance.

2.Ukrainian marine bridge

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3.Ukrainian marine bridge

Satellite Images Show New Military Bridge Near Belarus-Ukraine Border Satellite images released on February 16 show a new military pontoon bridge over the Pripyat River, Belarus, roughly six km…

4.Ukrainian marine bridge

Inform Napalm, a respected volunteer Ukrainian intelligence group, spotted peculiar activity last week by Russian military near the Crimea Bridge, the almost 12-mile bridge constructed by Russia across the Kerch Strait, which connects the Black Sea to the Sea of Azov, which is uneasily shared by Russia and Ukraine. Inform Napalm’s spokesman …

5.Ukrainian marine bridge

Furthermore, the Ukrainian and American governments have said that the bridge is being used by Russia as part of a creeping hybrid blockade of Ukrainian ports in the Azov Sea, and that Russian inspections of ships have risen sharply since the bridge opened in May 2018, with some reportedly being forced to wait between three and seven days …

6.Ukrainian marine bridge

It is now a base for Ukrainian forces, facing off against their invisible Russian counterparts across a shimmering expanse of water and duck-filled lagoons. The abandoned building is situated in…

7.Ukrainian marine bridge

Neither a land bridge nor an operation in Odessa would likely achieve that result, but an offensive towards Kyiv could,” wrote Rob Lee, a former US marine and a fellow in the Foreign Policy …

8.Ukrainian marine bridge

Since seizing Crimea, Russia has built a bridge linking it to its own territory. The Kerch Bridge over the Kerch Strait serves as the only direct connection between Russia and Crimea — and gives…

9. Ukrainian marine bridge

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