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1.NASA releases first image from an in-focus Webb telescope

NASA announced that it has successfully completed two further steps to align the mirrors of the Webb telescope. The resulting performance indicates that Webb will meet or exceed its design goals. “So far,

Published Date: 2022-03-16T17:09:00.0000000Z

2.NASA’s Webb space telescope achieves near-perfect focus, whetting appetites for discoveries to come

The goal was to demonstrate Webb can now bring starlight to a near-perfect focus, proving the $10 billion telescope doesn’t suffer from any subtle optical defects like the aberrat

Published Date: 2022-03-16T20:38:03.0000000Z

3.In focus Webb

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1.James Webb Space Telescope

The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is a space telescope designed primarily to conduct infrared astronomy. The U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration…

2.Jack Webb

Chester Webb and Margaret (née Smith) Webb. He grew up in the Bunker Hill section of Los Angeles. His father left home before Webb was born, and Webb never…

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1.In focus Webb

When the 18 dots map perfectly on top of each other, Webb will be focussed and ready to study the cosmos. It will take a while, at least a couple of months, and science teams will also have to tune…

2.In focus Webb

Webb continues on its path to becoming a focused observatory. The team has successfully worked through the second and third out of seven total phases of mirror alignment. With the completion of these phases, called Segment Alignment and Image Stacking, the team will now begin making smaller adjustments to the positions of Webb’s mirrors.

3.In focus Webb

Feb. 25 (UPI) — NASA announced Friday that it completed another step in its alignment process of the new James Webb Space Telescope, bringing its test images more into focus. The space agency said it completed the second and third of a seven-phase process to bring the telescope’s 18 mirrors into proper alignment.

4.In focus Webb

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5.In focus Webb

Webb is what is known as a three mirror anastigmat telescope. In this configuration, the primary mirror is concave, the secondary is convex, and it works slightly off-axis. The tertiary removes the resulting astigmatism and also flattens the focal plane. This also allows for a wider field of view.

6.In focus Webb

Webb launched on the sun-facing side of the Earth and travels on a slightly curved path so Webb’s “distance travelled” is greater than its altitude. Webb passing the Moon’s altitude is a good example of the difference, when Webb reached the altitude (a) of the Moon at a time of launch + ~2.5 days, Webb had already travelled a distance (d …

7.In focus Webb

With the L2 orbit insertion burn behind them, scientists and engineers will focus on aligning Webb’s secondary mirror and the 18 hexagonal segments making up its 21.3-foot-wide primary mirror to …

8.In focus Webb

With James Webb Space Telescope’s huge sunshield in place, focus shifts to big mirrors Mike Wall 1/4/2022 Ice skater, 72, dies after group of 6 plunges into frozen California reservoir

9.In focus Webb

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10.In focus Webb

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