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Kevin Johnson retires Starbucks

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1.Howard Schultz to return as interim Starbucks CEO after Kevin Johnson announces retirement

Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson is stepping down on April 4 after 13 years on its board, the coffee chain announced Wednesday.

Published Date: 2022-03-16T12:18:34.0000000Z

2.Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson to retire in April

Starbucks president and CEO Kevin Johnson is retiring in April after 13 years with the company. Founder Howard Schultz will act as interim CEO.

Published Date: 2022-03-16T12:03:00.0000000Z

3.Kevin Johnson retires Starbucks

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1.Kevin Johnson (executive)

Revitalized Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson". Fast Company. January 15, 2018. Retrieved 14 November 2019. "Kevin Johnson, Starbucks CEO"….

2.Magic Johnson

notably through his movie theaters and his partnership with Starbucks. He went to Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz with the idea that he could successfully…

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1.Kevin Johnson retires Starbucks

SBUX Starbucks ( SBUX) announced the retirement of CEO Kevin Johnson on Wednesday. Johnson has worked at the Seattle-based coffee giant for 13 years, serving as CEO since April 2017.

2.Kevin Johnson retires Starbucks

Multiple dead after crash involving New Mexico university’s golf teams in West Texas China says it will ‘never attack Ukraine’ amid reports that Russia asked for military support Starbucks CEO…

3.Kevin Johnson retires Starbucks

Kevin R. Johnson (born October 9, 1960) is an American businessman and software engineer who has been the president and chief executive officer (CEO) of Starbucks Coffee Company since 2017. Succeeding Howard Schultz as CEO, Johnson previously served as the company’s president and chief operating officer from 2015 to 2017. On March 16th 2022 Johnson announced he was stepping down as CEO …

4.Kevin Johnson retires Starbucks

Jan 31, 2022 7:40AM EST (RTTNews) – Starbucks Corp. (SBUX) disclosed in a regulatory filing that its president and chief executive officer Kevin Johnson received a 2021 total compensation that was…

5.Kevin Johnson retires Starbucks

The C.E.O. of Starbucks Isn’t Leaving. Only Howard Schultz Is. Kevin Johnson, the chief executive of Starbucks since April of last year, is slowly raising his profile now that Howard Schultz, the…

6.Kevin Johnson retires Starbucks

Kevin Johnson, chief executive officer of Starbucks Corp., leaves following an interview in Chicago, Illinois, on Sept. 4, 2019. (Laura McDermott/Bloomberg via Getty Images / Getty Images)

7.Kevin Johnson retires Starbucks

Add in that Starbucks has committed to returning capital to shareholders, and it’s easy to see why the company’s stock fits into a dream retirement portfolio. Starbucks’ CEO Kevin Johnson is seen…

8.Kevin Johnson retires Starbucks

Americans have been leaving their jobs to find better wages, benefits, and working hours, return to education, switch industries, or take early retirement. Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson said at the…

9.Kevin Johnson retires Starbucks

Starbucks’ CEO Kevin Johnson is keeping a close eye on unionization efforts made by a growing number of the coffee giant’s store workers.The small segment of cafe employees, which Starbucks calls …

10.Kevin Johnson retires Starbucks

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