American flags half mast

American flags half mast

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Why Are Flags Half-Staff Today? See Proclamations for May 14-15

According to, Why are flags half-staff this weekend on Saturday, May, and Sunday, May 15? Flags are flying half-staff across the nation in memory of those who died of COVID-19, and on Sunday in honor of Peace Officers Memorial Day.

Why are flags at half-staff Sunday?

According to, Noticed flags flying at half-staff Sunday, May 15? Two recent proclamations from President Joe Biden explain why.

Halfmast (British, Canadian and Australian English) or half-staff (American English) refers to a flag flying below the summit of a ship mast, a pole…

the flying of the flag at halfmast as a tribute to public school teachers. Under the proposal the flag shall be flown at halfmast for at least five…


According to, Fly the United States Flag at Half-Staff Immediately through Sunset on Monday, May 16, 2022 Remembering the 1,000,000 Americans Lost to COVID-19 Get the new Half Staff American Flag Widget for your Blog or Website today! Half Staff E-Mail Reminder Half Staff Notification. Half Staff Widget 10:53 am May. 13, 2022

According to, Fly the American Flag at Half-Staff The United States flag flies at half-staff (or half-mast) when the nation or a state is in mourning. The president, through a presidential proclamation , a state governor, or the mayor of the District of Columbia can order flags to fly at half-staff.

According to, What does it mean to lower the flag to half staff? Lowering the flag is a sign of respect, mourning or distress. Most English-speaking countries use the term half-mast, but in the United States,…

According to, Governor Mike Parson has ordered U.S. and Missouri flags be flown at half-staff at all government buildings in St. Francois County, Missouri, for one full day on March 27, 2022, from sunrise to sunset … Continue Reading Posted by Half-Staff Alerts Staff on Mar 25, 2022 March 23-27, 2022 – Half-Staff Alert – Entire United States

According to, IN HONOR of the death of a former Secretary of State, flags all around the United States are flying at half mast. In the wake of Madeleine Albright’s passing, flags are being raised at a half mast standing as a tribute to the late politician’s life. 2 The flags will fly half masted in honor of the late Madeleine Albright Credit: AP

According to, U.S. flags at government buildings and other places across the country are flying at half-staff this weekend (Saturday, March 26 and Sunday, March 27) in honor of former Secretary of State…

According to, in memory of the one million american lives lost to covid-19 and their loved ones left behind, i hereby order, by the authority vested in me by the constitution and laws of the united states, that the flag of the united states shall be flown at half-staff at the white house and on all public buildings and grounds, at all military posts and naval …

According to, Trust Flag and Banner to tell you when the American flag should be flown at half staff. Check here or sign up to get half-staff email alerts. Because we are based in Little Rock, we also give Arkansas half-staff alerts. For half-staff proclamations for other states, follow our Facebook page. National Half-Staff Status US Flags are at Full Staff

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