How do you say pecan?

How do you say pecan?

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According to, Pecan, which is a symbol for states such as Texas, Oklahoma, Georgia, New Mexico can be correctly pronounced as “Pa-kawn” and not “PEE-can” or “puh-KAHN” or whichever pronunciation. Merriam-Webster’s dictionary also validates the pronunciation to be “Pa-kawn.”

According to, You might want to sit down. According to the survey, more than 60% of people say “puh-CON” while less than 40% say “PEA-can.” In these nutty times, there’s one debate we can safely settle once and for all: is “pecan” pronounced PEA-can or puh-CON? Poll your friends, debate your family, go nuts. Then cast your vote in The Super Safe #PecanDebate.

According to, http://www.bearstearnsbravo.comThis video shows you how to pronounce pecan. Learn the correct American English pronunciation of the drupe of the hickory tree.

According to, As far as the pecan pronunciation debate goes, since Georgia is a southern state, most Georgians tend to pronounce pecan as pee-KAHN, or a hybrid version of this, like “puh-kahn” or “pih-kahn.” As the largest producer of pecans due to its ideal climate for pecan trees, Georgia holds weight in this debate.

According to, Hear more British Vs. American pronunciations: how to say correctly…

According to, The way we see it—or hear it, in this case—there are six widely used pronunciations for the word pecan. (But if you have others, we’d love to know.) In no particular order, they are: pah-KAHN puh-CAN PEE-can PEE-kahn pee-KAHN pee-CAN Whew. That’s quite a few options, though of course are countless more possibilities out there.

According to, We can all rest assured that there is no one proper pronunciation for the word pecan; though, the most accepted is “pi-KAHN.” The word pecan originated from the Algonquin term pacane and the iteration we are most familiar with was used in the mid-1700s. From there, pronunciation trends really seem to vary.

According to, The linguistics department at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee just also shared a pecan pronunciation map that gives another option – where people may say pee-KAHN by itself, but then say PEE-can when using a compound word, like pecan pie.. We found this research fascinating, so we’ve compiled a few of these dialect maps related to food.

According to, In some parts of the United States people say JU-ly, and PO-lice, and CI-gar, and GUI-tar, and CE-ment. So where do pecans fit in? Pecans are native to the US, and their name ultimately goes back…

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