How do you say hello in russian?

How do you say hello in russian?

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According to, The most common way to say hello in Russian is Здравствуйте (ZDRASTvooytye), but there are more details you need to know in order to navigate all the likely social encounters. The most important thing to remember is that the way you say hello in Russian depends on who you are speaking to. Russian has two main registers: formal and informal.

According to, Say zdravstvujtye (zdrah-stvooy-tee) to strangers. Zdravstvujtye is the formal way to say “hello” in Russian. If you’re greeting someone you don’t already know, start with a formal greeting – especially if they’re older than you, or in a position of authority. If you don’t know how to roll your “R”s, you may want to practice.

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According to, Formal “Hello” in Russian – Здравствуйте (Zdravstvuyte) If you don’t want to risk saying something out of place, it’s a good idea to always use this greeting: Здравствуйте (Zdravstvuyte) It’s funny how such a simple thing as “hello” can be such a difficult word in the Russian language.

According to, greeting“Hello!”: “Zdravstvuyte!” («Здравствуйте!» in Russian) is a common …

According to, Hello (formal) – Здравствуйте Здравствуйте zdrastvooyte This is general, formal way to say hello in Russian. If you meet your boss or professor and you want to be polite – just say { Здравствуйте }. You can use this word in everyday life greeting your friends, but it’s kind of strange. Why?

According to, Also, you can watch the video on how to say hello in Russian below: Привет! – It’s rather informal way to say “Hello ” or “Hi”. And it has tint of friendly behavior. We use this greeting with friends and colleagues at work and people we know well enough. Здравствуйте!

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