How do you say right in spanish?

How do you say right in spanish?

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According to, to have the right to do something tener derecho a hacer algo to be within one’s rights to do somethingtener todo el derecho a hacer algo by rights en justicia by right por derecho propio to be famous in one’s own rightser famoso (a) por méritos propios or por derecho propio the right to vote el derecho al voto right of way derecho de paso

According to, More Spanish words for right el derecho noun law, straight, directly, erect, entitlement, bolt upright, upright, title, direct, rectum, onside las derecha noun right hand, right side corregir verb correct, edit, amend, proofread, revise enderezar verb straighten, straighten out, unbend, bend straight, bump justo adjective

According to, you’re right ( yuhr rayt ) phrase 1. (used to address one person) a. tienes razón (informal) (singular) I don’t think the dishwasher is working. – You’re right.Creo que el lavaplatos no funciona. – Tienes razón. b. tiene razón (formal) (singular) I think this night’s concert will be bigger than last night’s. – You’re right.

According to, How do you say left and right in Spanish?. Left is translated as ‘izquierda’, and the word ‘right’ means ‘derecha’ in the Spanish language. These words are used to know or expose the position in which something, someone is or should take. How to translate left and right in Spanish? left- izquierda right – derecha Conversation:

According to, 1. (general) a. tienes razón. A word or phrase used to refer to the second person informal “tú” by their conjugation or implied context (e.g. How are you?). (informal) (singular) It’s really cold today. – You are right. It’s five degrees Celsius.Hace mucho frío hoy.

According to, she’s a bit of all right ¡está buenísima! (informal) 2 (safe, well) bien. I’m/I feel all right now ya estoy bien; it’s all right, you can come out again now está bien, puedes salir ya. Someone should go and see if she’s all right. She’s been gone a long time.

According to, How to say you are right in Spanish Spanish Translation tienes razón More Spanish words for you are right pues sí you are right Find more words! you are right See Also in English you are phrase usted está, eres, es, sois right noun, adjective, verb, adverb derecho, derecha, corregir, enderezar, justo are noun son, área you pronoun

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