Which genshin character are you?

Which genshin character are you?

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Genshin Impact: Everything You need to Know About New Character Yelan

According to, With Genshin Impact Version 2.7 nearing release, many are excited to pull for Yelan, and there are some things players should know about her.

Genshin Impact hosting web-event To Ensnare a Prey to celebrate the release of new character Yelan

According to, To celebrate the upcoming massive patch and new character, Genshin Impact is going to be running one of its famous web events from now until May 31st, this one is called To Ensnare a Prey. Themed after the upcoming hero Yelan,

Genshin Impact is an action role-playing game developed and published by video game company miHoYo. It was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation…

2016-10-01. Martin, Sean; Broadwell, Josh (2021-08-13). "The best Genshin Impact characters". PC Gamer. Retrieved 2021-08-25. "S Tier Meaning | What does…


According to, Featuring an open-world environment and an action-based battle system with elemental magic and character-matching, Genshin Impact is no ordinary RPG. Genshin Impact uses a gacha game monetization, meaning players can obtain new characters, weapons, and other resources by spending money on a sort of lottery system.

According to, Any player will eventually encounter a couple of characters in the game whose lifestyle, aesthetic, habits, or behaviors appeal to them. With this quiz, we’re here to help you simplify the process for determining – “Which Genshin Impact character are you?” Teyvat and its Nations – Mondstadt, Liyue, Inazuma, and the Rest

According to, Which Genshin Impact Character Are You. Take our Genshin Impact Personality Quiz to find out which Genshin Impact Character you are! Gensheen Impact is the name of a new free-to-play open-world adventure from Chinese developer miHoYo, and, as the name suggests, it hits like a bomb. The first sales week was quite a success, with AppAnnie …

According to, Take this epic Genshin Impact personality quiz to find out which Genshin Impact character you are. Quiz yourself today! Genshin Impact is a fantastic role-playing video game developed and published by miHoYo. This video game has many important and interesting characters. Are you more like the Traveler or Amber, or do you have characteristics of some other important characters? Just answer ten …

According to, Personality Quiz. Which genshin character are you. Quiz introduction. Tbh I did this at the middle of the night while I’m high so don’t expect anything.

According to, everything; you’re a food lover. something light; eat for the sake of it. something delicious; taste is everything to you. many things; you’re one for eating a ton. nothing; you’re either on a diet or really don’t want to eat. something specific; you’re really into that particular food. 6.

According to, This is just a fun quiz to see which character from Genshin Impact is you! Currently, there are only 6 character results, and each of them are all one different element. I hope you enjoy the quiz!

According to, The first thing you learn after taking the quiz is which Genshin character you are. The algorithms look through all the 30 profiles to find your perfect counterpart. Discover How Rare You Are. Fans already know that Genshin characters and heroes have a rarity rank. The higher it is, the harder it gets to acquire them.

According to, 4/2/22 Update: Added Ayato and updated some questions. *To be honest I feel like "Who your Genshin best friend would be" is a more fitting title but its too late to change it now..

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