Which of the following best describes what a proposal is?

Which of the following best describes what a proposal is?

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7 Steps to Writing the Perfect Project Proposal

According to, A project proposal is crucial for getting approval from your boss. The Ascent outlines how to write perfect proposals to keep your projects moving forward.

How to Write a Successful Social Media Proposal

According to, A social media proposal helps your clients understand what they need to do to paint an accurate brand picture. The Ascent breaks down how to write this proposal.

A term of business proposal is a written offer from a seller to a prospective sponsor. Business proposals are often a key step in the complex sales process—i…

about the subject of the proposal Writing the proposal Formatting the proposal Revising, editing, and proofreading the proposal Submitting the proposal As…


According to, a tangible product, a service, or some combination of the two Which of the following best describes what a proposal is? a persuasive argument According to Chapter 16, the introduction to a proposal must answer seven questions, one of which is “What is the problem or opportunity?” What is another question the introduction must answer?

According to, Which best describes the purpose and qualities of a proposal? A proposal needs to gather information and propose a solution. O A proposal needs to state a plan and persuade others to support it. A proposal needs to identify a problem and anticipate counterclaims. A proposal needs to weigh the options and propose several possible solutions.

According to, Which of the following best describes a research proposal? a. statement of the dos and don’ts of research b. written structure of the data gathered in experiment c. a plan on how the experimentation will be conducted d. a detailed written plan of how the project will be done 1 See answer Advertisement

According to, Which of the following best describes the term wiki? It is a collaborative web application that allows multiple users to contribute and update material within a shared space. Which of the following is a style of writing in which you cover the most important information briefly at first and then gradually reveal successive layers of detail?

According to, R&F’s proposal includes a sketch of the warehouse it proposes to build, with multiple entrances to the exterior as well as entrances to the existing building. The proposal has a chart showing the phases of the project, including the completion date, and a section describing R&F’s staff and similar past projects. The proposal ends with a bid.

According to, Which of the following statements best describes the 2+2=4 approach? Informational Architecture … _____ is outlined in the body of a proposal or report. A detailed one saves time and often produces more effective reports. Executive Dashboard. A(n) _____ is a customized graphical presentation of key performance parameters. …

According to, Your proposal has only one objective: to convince the reader that the benefit from your product or service will outweigh the cost. A. Which of the following best describes the purpose of an analytical report? A. To solve a specific problem or answer research questions B. To provide information on a specific problem

According to, Sarah has to structure her proposal in such a way that she emphasizes the positives about the drug and minimizes the negative information. Which of the following best describes Sarah’s technique of writing her proposal? filtering. Which of the following is true for organizational communication?

According to, Which of the following best describes how the IRB should proceed? … One agenda item is a new research proposal to evaluate how mothers interact with their learning-disabled child. The inclusion criteria require the children to be a minimum of five years of age. The protocol requires the mother of the child to look at the child without any …

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