Psychology jokes

Psychology jokes

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Can People Be Too Woke to Joke?

According to, Our responses to these types of jokes are more complicated and psychologically rich than one might expect. New research from the Shiota Social Psychology Labs (unpublished, manuscript in …

Love of learning

According to, Nearly four years after joining the Cal Lutheran faculty as an assistant professor of psychology, Amanda ElBassiouny, PhD, likes to joke that she’s a senior. But ElBassiouny is in no rush to leave campus at the end of the academic year.

From source: intelligent than brunettes. There are many blonde jokes made on these premises. Although chiefly aimed at women, jokes of this style have also been aimed at similar…


Sharing a hint from, The Best Psychology Jokes Does the name Pavlov ring the faintest of bells to you? This obvious joke takes a hilarious dig at Ivan Pavlov’s behavioral experiment through which he discovered the phenomenon of classical conditioning. It’s simple but one of the best psychology jokes for sure.

If you read from, Here are some of the funniest psychology jokes we could think of. 1. Why were Pavlov’s curls always so luscious? He used classical conditioning. 2. Why did the dogs suddenly start salivating? They heard the name ‘Ivan Pavlov’ and it rang a bell. 3. Why was the moralist not allowed inside the bar? He didn’t have a valid Id. 4.

A post published in, I had a double major in psychology and reverse psychology. She yells, “No, I won’t sleep with you tonight, you pig!” Everyone in the bar stops and stares. Completely embarrassed, the guy slinks back to his table with a red face. After a few minutes, the woman walks over to him and apologizes. She smiles and says, “I’m sorry if I embarrassed you.

It is learnt from a blog, 21 psychology, psychotherapy, and psychiatry jokes. 1. What’s the difference between a psychologist and a magician? A magician pulls rabbits out of hats, whereas a psychologist pulls habits out of …

Source:, So, while you try to understand how the mind works, make it more interesting with hilarious psychology jokes. A Freudian slip is when you say one thing and mean your mother. COPY JOKE By: Jenesis ( 0) ( 0) A good psychologist once advised me to shut out all the negative people that remind me of my dark past and move on

I had gone through, 18 Classic Psychology Jokes Test your sense of humor and knowledge of Psychology. Posted Sep 16, 2016 1. Q. Why was Pavlov’s hair so soft? A. Classical Conditioning 2. Q. Does the name “Pavlov”…

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