Unpopular opinions

Unpopular opinions

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From source: views on social media sites in fear that their views and opinions, specifically political opinions, will be chastised because their views violate the majority…

From source: question and test received wisdom and to put forward controversial and unpopular opinions, whether or not these are deemed offensive, and that academic institutions…


According to the source from, Here are 4 of the best unpopular opinions: 1. Making the bed is a pointless chore. At some point in our lives, we’ve all questioned the need to make the bed. Realizing we have to work after waking up makes some of us want to sleep some more. 2. Job searching can be fun. Searching for a job is a tiresome process.

Sharing a hint from, 101 Unpopular Opinions — The Ultimate Must-See List Unoriginal post ripped from everybody Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash Beyoncé is overrated David Attenborough is overrated and nothing more than…

If you read from, What are unpopular opinions? Just like my example above, unpopular opinions are ideas that completely contradict the conventional status quo. However, it is just what it is – an opinion. You and I have different opinions, thus making it relative.

It is inferred from, Unpopular opinions can be serious topics like religious beliefs or politics, or they can be silly subjects like food preferences or your thoughts on a television show or movie. Whether you’re curious to see if you have an unpopular opinion or just want to follow along, read on for 120 Unpopular Opinions that you may — or may not — agree with.

A post published in, Unpopular Opinions I know what you’re thinking, but you’re wrong. Nuts in chocolate is really, really, wrong. Long walks on the beach are not that amazing to be listed as the ideal date in every guy’s Tinder bio. Vanilla ice cream is better than Chocolate. Football is more of America’s sport than baseball is. AM and PM is dumb.

It is learnt from a blog, Unpopular opinions are opinions that people have that go against the commonly held beliefs of their community, and those that they will likely get a lot of heat for. However, some people also express divisive and racist or sexist comments under the guise of unpopular opinions, so that is something to look out for.

It is understood from sites like, The following collection of unpopular opinions is not going to cause any upset or arguments but may garner you the off funny look from folks. 1. Vanilla ice cream tastes horrible. 2. Pizza is disgusting 3. If you watch music videos it’s just the same as going to a concert. 4. Hot dogs are way better than burgers. 5.

Source:, “ Unpopular opinions are simply defined as ideas and beliefs that go against or completely contradict the conventional status quo ,” writes author Nicole Cooper. The truth is almost each and everyone of us have a few unpopular, seemingly unsavoury, opinions about some aspects of life.

I had gone through, r/unpopularopinion Rules 1. Your post must be an unpopular opinion Your post must be an opinion. Not a question. Not a showerthought. Not a rant. Not a proposal. Not a fact. An opinion. One opinion. A subjective statement about your position on some topic.

Hinted from, Unpopular opinions are basically a statement which are made on different area of interest or issue without any strong support of facts and such opinions do have a contradicting nature. Sometime, you heard off something and you believe in for a moment but later you realize that it wasn’t that true.

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