What is an antonym for pukka?

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1.What is an antonym for pukka?

Antonyms for pukka include bogus, counterfeit, fake, false, mock, phoney, phony, pseudo, sham and spurious. Find more opposite words at!

2.What is an antonym for pukka?

What is an antonym for pukka? Plastromancy is the Shang Dynasty practice of using what for divination? Earth is divided into six regions with distinct plant life, which are also known as what? In which country can you find this ancient temple? Barbara Hillary was the first Black woman to achieve what travel feat?

3.What is an antonym for pukka?

Synonyms for pukka in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for pukka. 22 synonyms for pukka: genuine, official, authentic, real, proper, on the level, bona fide, dinkum, the real …

4.What is an antonym for pukka?

pukka | definition: absolutely first class and genuine | synonyms: superior, pucka| antonyms: inferior, worst, subordinate

5.What is an antonym for pukka?

Pukka definition is – genuine, authentic; also : first-class. How to use pukka in a sentence. Did You Know?

6.What is an antonym for pukka?

respectable, decorous, proper, genteel, formal, polite, conventional, right, correct, accepted, presentable, decent, smart

7.What is an antonym for pukka?

‘the more expensive brands are pukka natural mineral waters’ ‘When talking tipple, the conversation invariably turns to bubbly – carbonated, spritzed, Cap Classique or the real thing, pukka Champagne from France.’ ‘But we persuaded Gil we were actually pukka, so he allowed us to interview him.’

8.What is an antonym for pukka?

pukka definition: 1. real: 2. of excellent quality: 3. extremely formal and educated: . Learn more.

9.What is an antonym for pukka?

synonyms – pukka report a problem. pukka (adj.) pucka. phrases. Erkki Pukka • Pukka (English) • Pukka Electric MiniBike • Pukka Herbs Ltd • Pukka Orchestra • Pukka Pies • Pukka sahib.

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