Who is the new jake from state farm?

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1.Who is the new jake from state farm?

“Jake from State Farm” returned to television in February, but with an unexpected twist. The iconic white character is now a younger Black man. The new campaign starts with the original advertisement, where a middle-aged, mildly overweight white male is in his living room, wearing pajamas in the dark at 3 a.m., answering questions over the telephone.

2.Who is the new jake from state farm?

State Farm took the internet by storm at the start of Super Bowl 2020 debuting not only a sequel to their famous ‘Jake from State Farm’ ad but by introducing a new Jake into the equation. The …

3.Who is the new jake from state farm?

State Farm | State of Unrest The 2020 reboot also features a cute cameo from Jake Stone as his successor’s call-center colleague. The new Jake is generating plenty of buzz but has proven somewhat polarizing, with dislikes hitting 42 percent on the debut ad’s YouTube page.

4.Who is the new jake from state farm?

Let’s see what a spokesperson from State Farm has to say about this. “. . . the assistant Vice-president of Marketing from State Farm, Patti Morris stated that the original Jake was great at delivering the signature like ‘Uh…Khakis’. However, the role of Jake has been expanded and has become very demanding.

5.Who is the new jake from state farm?

New Jake From State Farm is swole. State Farm provides surprisingly great rates AND surprisingly great arms. My guy is standing next to an elite professional athlete and makes him look like Jim Halpert. Apparently, when New Jake’s not busy bundling your home, life and auto insurance to help save you hundreds, …

6.Who is the new jake from state farm?

Jake was re-cast in February of this year, right before State Farm filmed and released an almost shot for shot remake of the original hit commercial (without including the controversial joke).

7.Who is the new jake from state farm?

The original actor still maintains the aspect of a good neighbour. Consequently, the ad retains the company’s slogan, which says, “Like a good neighbour, State Farm is there.” Who is the new Jake from State Farm commercial 2020? The new advert raises the question, who is the guy in the new State Farm commercial? Well, the new guy is Kevin Mimms.

8.Who is the new jake from state farm?

The new Jake, however, is a professional actor. As quoted in a popular website, the assistant Vice-president of Marketing from State Farm, Patti Morris stated that the original Jake was great at delivering the signature like ‘Uh…Khakis’. However, the role of Jake has been expanded and has become very demanding.

9.Who is the new jake from state farm?

The new Jake from state farm sucks It doesn’t really suck but it’s stupid, they changed the characters race for no reason and there was no need to, why not just bring back the original, just keep the character how he was that would be like making flo black out of nowhere, it’s not that there’s a problem with being black, just don’t change characters for no reason

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