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  • 01938 area code
  • Most numbers using the 01938 area code are normal Welshpool landlines but be aware that, as is the case for all UK area codes, such numbers may also be used for services without any physical link to the area.
  • https://www.area-codes.org.uk/01938.php

  • 01938 area code
  • If you need to find a telephone number with the dialling code 01938 then we can help you get there for free and in no time at all. Get the numbers you need in your area with a few simple clicks or the button or taps of your screen and you are there.
  • https://ukareacodes.org/code/01938/

  • 01938 area code
  • 01938 Area Code Welshpool Telephone Numbers. The 01938 area code covers Welshpool and the surrounding area.. 01938 numbers can also be based in the following locations near to Welshpool:. Castle Caereinion; Chirbury; Forden; Guilsfield; Llanfair Caereinion; Llangadfan; Meifod; Trewern; Please note that an 01938 number does not necessarily come from one of these locations, although the majority do.
  • https://www.ukphoneinfo.com/area-code/01938

  • 01938 area code
  • 01938 Area Code. Did you get a call from 01938 area code? Simply enter the phone number in the search box above to find out who called from that number. Where is the 01938 area code? 01938 is the area code of Welshpool.
  • http://uk.whocalledme.net/AreaCodes/01938

  • 01938 area code
  • The location for 01938 is Welshpool, UK. The 01938 area code will allow you to make calls to Welshpool from wherever in the world you are. For those who wish to call Welshpool from abroad, follow these simple steps: 1. Dial the international access code 2. Enter the UK country code (44) 3.
  • https://www.thephonebook.bt.com/DiallingCodes/DiallingCodeSearch/?AreaIdentifier=01938&SearchType=1&InternationalCodeId=0

  • 01938 area code
  • 01938 Area Code. Who called me 01938 Welshpool. Please enter a valid number! Our completely free lookup has saved visitors tens of millions of pounds! 01938 Area Code Information 💡 The 01938 area code is for Welshpool and the surrounding area. 📍 Welshpool 📈 Welshpool Area Overview. Phone lookups: 51,126.
  • https://who-called.co.uk/Area-Code/01938

  • 01938 area code
  • 01938.co.uk: A map and local information for the 01938 area code, serving Welshpool
  • http://01938.uk/

  • 01938 area code
  • Browse all area codes quite easily by using our area code lookup.
  • https://www.thetelephonecodes.com/01938-2/

  • 01938 area code
  • 01938 is the area code for the Welshpool area in the Sir Powys region. The 1938 region includes places like: Guilsfield, Forden, Berriew and Montgomery, among others. The majority of numbers utilizing the 01938 area code are regular Welshpool landlines, however it should be noted that this might be misleading.
  • https://www.ukareacode.co.uk/area-code/01938

  • Welshpool
  • The 01938 area code is a 4 digit geographical dialling code (excluding the zero) used in telecommunications for the Welshpool area. The local telephone numbers within the 01938 are 6 digits long. The correct format in which to write a telephone number from the Welshpool area code is …
  • https://www.geopunk.co.uk/phone-area-codes/01938-Welshpool