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1  Biden: “We Believe Truth Over Facts”
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1facts about joe biden
Biden’s oldest son, Beau, died of brain cancer in 2015. 48. In 2014, Joe Biden was listed as one of America’s least wealthy government officials, ranking 577 of 581 .

2facts about joe biden
Joe Biden had to undergo brain surgery in the past. An unsurprising example of Joe Biden Facts, considering his age. Severe neck pain led to brain surgery in 1988, after doctors found a leaking aneurysm in Biden’s brain. He then underwent a second operation soon after, when a pulmonary embolism developed as a complication.

3Joe Biden

Joe Biden Fast Facts from CNN provide a look at the life of the former vice president and 2020 presidential candidate.

4facts about joe biden
Let’s have a look at the best interesting facts about Joe Biden. Joe Biden Facts 1. He had a puppy with a foreshadowing name. Joe Biden was a Senator for the state of Delaware from 1973 to 2009. In an interesting twist, when he was studying law at Syracuse University, he and his wife bought a puppy named Senator. 2. He was a very young Senator

5Joe Biden

Joe Biden, 47th vice president of the United States (2009–17) in the Democratic administration of Pres. Barack Obama and the party’s nominee for president in 2020. He previously represented Delaware in the U.S. Senate (1973–2009). Learn more about Biden’s life and career.

6facts about joe biden
CLEVELAND, Ohio – Donald Trump and Joe Biden had their say, but not always with context or sometimes even facts to back up claims made during Tuesday’s presidential debate in Cleveland.

7Joe Biden

Although Americans know Biden as the honest if blooper-prone vice president, there are still some facts about him that have gotten lost in all the speculation about 2016.

8facts about joe biden
Joe Biden, Bill Clinton and the rest of powerful Democrats in 1999 changed all that, to the dismay of the longest tenured congressman in U.S. history, the late John Dingell, who called our coming …

9facts about joe biden
Joe Biden served as the 47th vice president of the United States (2009–17) in the Democratic administration of Pres. Barack Obama. He previously represented Delaware in the U.S. Senate, becoming the fifth youngest senator in history when he was elected in 1972 at the age of 29. By the time Biden resigned from the Senate—shortly before taking the oath of office as vice president—he had …

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1Hayden endorses Biden, says Trump ‘doesn’t care about facts’
Michael Hayden, who served as director of both the CIA and the National Security Agency under multiple presidents, on Tuesday night endorsed Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, saying President Trump “doesn’t care about facts” and “ doesn’t keep the country safe.
Published Date: 2020-10-07T12:26:00.0000000Z

27 key facts about Biden’s big lead over Trump
New high-quality polls in crucial states Pennsylvania and Arizona, meanwhile, show Biden ahead by 11 points and eight points, respectively. Support our journalism. Subscribe today. Each poll shows a double-digit shift in the margins from the 2016 election toward the Democrats.
Published Date: 2020-10-06T19:49:00.0000000Z

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1.  Political positions of Joe Biden
Joe Biden served as Vice President of the United States from 2009 to 2017 and in the United States Senate from 1973 until 2009. A member of the Democratic…
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2.  Joe Biden 2020 presidential campaign
of Joe Biden began on April 25, 2019, when he released a video announcing his candidacy in the 2020 Democratic party presidential primaries. Biden, the…
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3.  Hunter Biden
Hunter Biden (born February 4, 1970) is an American lawyer and investment advisor who is the second son of former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden. He is…
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