12 reasons why blogging is the best job in the world

Do you want to become a blogger, but you doubt whether it is a worthy profession (this is not taught in college)? Don’t hesitate! It’s probably the best profession in the world. It is also very handy to combine blogging with studying at College. Many students enjoy that, as well as getting help from an essay writer. In the article, you will find 12 arguments in favor of this job.

When Justin Hall and Yoren Barger (coined the word weblog) started keeping their online diaries, they could not have imagined that in just a few years blogging would become not just a hobby, but a business and even a profession.

And maybe even the best in the world. Why? The answer is below:

1. Bloggers are competitive. 

There are millions of blogs on the Web. Only on about 75 million are hosted. And then there’s Blogger, Tumblr, and other platforms. Even if the blogger has occupied a very specific niche (the puberty period of male chimpanzees), he will still have competitors. To be the best, you need to work hard.

2. Bloggers are universal.
The author’s blog is a mini-newspaper. In its staff, there is only one employee. He is an author, a proofreader, an editor, and a typesetter. The reader, seeing the article, does not even think about what arsenal of knowledge the blogger needs to use so that he just likes it. Grammar, style, HTML, SEO, design, and even psychology, a good blogger should be a bit of an expert in each of these areas.

3. Bloggers are technology literate.
If you think that the main thing for the author of a blog is to write correctly, then you are mistaken. Yes, spelling and punctuation literacy is important, but, in addition, a blogger must be technically savvy. If we are talking about a personal blog, then no one will come and set up your blog. You will have to understand the subtleties of programming, web design, the work of search engines, and social networks yourself. In addition, the blogger is forced to protect his resource from spam and phishing.

4. Bloggers are marketing gurus.
Wrote an article, published it, and that’s it? You need the target audience to read it and give it a “viral” charge. To do this, bloggers study Internet marketing strategies: search engine optimization, promotion in social media, contextual advertising… They don’t learn it at school. All of this they have to master on their own.

5. Bloggers are risky.
Often, success stories in the blogosphere begin as a “breath of fresh air” in an office frenzy. But, as it develops, the blog requires more and more attention. Bloggers quit working at the office and devote themselves to monetization. From now on, blogger = entrepreneur. He is responsible for all the financial risks, and it depends only on his decisions whether he can make money on his blog.

6. Bloggers are good in business.
Once we talk about money, we note that to earn it, a blogger has to be a businessman. Customer search, sales, promotion of partner products, advertising – the minimum amount of business operations that a blogger performs almost daily. Thanks to this, many blogs from private pages have grown into mature business projects.

7. Bloggers are good managers.
They must manage their time properly. Whether the blog is regularly updated depends on proper planning. In addition, in the case of a collective blog, its author must manage the team: search and hire authors, content managers, organization of remote work, and control over it. A blogger is a person who makes many important management decisions every day.

8. Bloggers are creators.
A talented person is talented in everything – this expression is completely suitable for the characterization of a blogger. On the Internet, interesting articles are not enough. Even purely text blogs do not do without photo and video material. Therefore, bloggers are creators who are talented in various fields – writing, photography, video, and others.

9. Bloggers – researchers.
You can’t just say “Alcohol is evil.” This must be proved. Conduct a study of the influence of alcohol on the psychoemotional and physical state of a person, collect statistics, conduct a survey, study history, etc. A good blogger is always a researcher who does not throw unsubstantiated statements but knows how to argue his position.

10. Bloggers promote people’s education.
Online magazines are not needed by anyone. They read resources that provide new knowledge. Why do you think people like travel blogs so much? Any travel blog is an introduction to a different culture. Bloggers share their knowledge with readers, thus making them a little more educated.

11. Bloggers shape public opinion.
A blog is a platform for discussion. A place where you can openly express your civic position. The news that flashes in the blogosphere instantly becomes news #1. The opinion expressed by an authoritative blogger is instantly becomes popular. Blogs are a powerful force that can influence people’s minds and moods. No wonder the stars of show business and politics suddenly became bloggers.

12. Bloggers are decent people.
A self-respecting blogger does not publish questionable information, does not insult or provoke the audience. He understands the extent of his responsibility. Therefore, the blogger must comply with computer ethics and generally accepted norms of morality.

You can agree with this list or not. One thing is certain: blogging is hard work. There are millions of active blogs on the Web, and no one has counted how many abandoned ones. Respect bloggers! And if you decide to become one of them, remember: not everyone will succeed, but it’s worth a try. Because a blogger is a great job. Probably the best in the world.

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