5 video games based on anime

5 video games based on anime

Anime has snuck its way into almost every aspect of culture – understandably, as the visual aid it provides is priceless. Gaming and anime go hand in hand for that reason.

Given that Japan has the biggest gaming and anime industry, those two somehow wove together. Adaptations from anime to video games and vice versa are a common thing nowadays. Many might not have had a huge success if not for the other one’s achievement. 

Mobile games have undergone an amazing change in recent years, it is still rare for a title to feel like the experience seen on the small screen is like enjoying it on a PC or console. We’ve come a long way since one of the first mobile games, the Snake game or Tetris. It’s become mainstream and socially acceptable to play games on your phone.

BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!

Platforms: iOS, Android

Year of release: 2017

Genre: multiplayer video game

BanG Dream! is a Japanese music media franchise. The genre is musical fiction based around all female bands. 

The anime started airing in 2017 for three years with a total of 39 episodes. Soon after it went on air, the game was released as well. 

BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! is a rhythm game. The game lets the player arrange the band with the help of a deck of cards, each card showing one of 25 characters with their own attributes, such as power and skills. The bands consist of 5 members each, giving the opportunity of numerous combinations. The characters within a band contribute to the power the band as a whole has. The 35 Bandori girls each have their own unique personality based upon the anime. 

Naruto X Boruto Ninja Voltage

Platforms: iOS, Android

Year of release: 2017

Genre: strategy video game, action role-playing game

The worldwide release for both Android and iOS of this game made a huge hype – the possibility to play the action RPG in which you can control the well-known heroes in the world of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood while fighting awesome monsters and opponents is a wait of a lifetime for some fans. 

Within the Naruto X Boruto Ninja Voltage, we can meet all the well-known characters in the series, both heroes and opponents, while having the opportunity to partake in wrestlings, build your own ninja fortress, evolve and share this special experience with other players while performing blazingly fast combo attacks. 

Equipment, attacks, and abilities can be collected and upgraded with the hero cards that a player gets after finished tasks. Players should make sure to place traps all around the building to make sure no one invades the fortress while keeping it upgraded. 

Amazingly, the  premium category title also made sure the game is free for fans!

Sword Art Online: Integral Factor

Platforms: iOS, Android

Year of release: 2017

Genre: massively multiplayer online role-playing game

Sword Art Online: Integral Factor has become an MMORPG, an online role-playing game. The servers in the game are fast and the community is very good , so it is very easy to find partners at a lower level from all around the world in order to get into the game together. The possibility is given to discover the fantasy world full of secrets and wonders, and defeat various opponents, among whom you will often find bosses.

Players can choose from a wide range of weapons to fight with (sword, dagger, bow, axe). Users are rewarded with stars after a battle, thus upgrading their skills. 

The walkthroughs could have been borrowed from the anime, the elaboration of the characters is downright amazing, and the game itself has become incredibly pretty. The opponents, the fairly spacious world that can be explored freely, and even the effects are inviting new players to join them in the game. 

One Piece: Bounty Rush

Platforms: Android, iOS

Year of release: 2018

Genre: multiplayer video game

One Piece: Bounty Rush is a 3D action, 4 player game focusing on team-based multi fights against another 4 player team in real time battles. The game features almost all of the franchise’s well-known characters. 

There are five classes of players in the game: fighter, warrior, supporter, shooter and swordsman. The four types of characters to choose from are: runner, attacker, defender. Team treasures are claimed by placing the team flag on them. The team with the most coins at the end of a battle wins. Each player controls only one character making the battles more intense. 

One of the neat advantages in the fighting scenes is that when someone gets knocked down, they are untouchable while getting back up on their feet. The quick battles against other player teams are addictive and fun. 

The pirate era is brought to us by a free download to any iOS and Android phones and tablets.

Fate/Grand Order

Platforms: iOS, Android

Year of release: 2015

Genre: role-playing video game

Magic still pervades the world. Set in a fantasy realm, the main focus of the game is the prevention of the certain extinction of humanity. The master is the player, their servants are on the cards. Servants are classified into a 5-point star system and they are heroes from different nations and eras of human history. The more stars one has, the rarer the chance of obtaining it is. Servants can be strengthened with each other and with experience cards appropriate for their class.

In the course of the story, the player can perform some missions, where they can assemble their various parties and formations from the heroic souls they have acquired. 

The game offers continuous daily and weekly quests, a series of small and large events. And there is a variety of outfits a player can fight for. These provide 3-3 abilities and can be used to a total of 10 levels to enhance these abilities. This makes sense especially during battles, as these abilities can be supported by the servants and can reduce the combat potential of the opponents.

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