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1.538 Iowa President

Our average includes all candidates that FiveThirtyEight considers “major.” Candidates with insufficient polling data are not displayed in the averages. State polling averages are adjusted based on national trends, which means candidates’ averages can shift even in the absence of fresh state polls.

2.538 Iowa President

Get a unique perspective of the Presidential Election with analysis around Republican and Democratic campaigns, debates, polls, election results, and more.

3.538 Iowa President

Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight uses statistical analysis — hard numbers — to tell compelling stories about elections, politics, sports, science, economics and lifestyle.

4.538 Iowa President

An interactive electoral map derived from FiveThirtyEight’s probabilistic model for the 2020 presidential election. … The Road to 270: Iowa. October 19, 2020. After swinging sharply to Donald Trump in 2016, the state is among the most competitive in 2020.

5.538 Iowa President

Current Iowa presidential polling October 20. A Data for Progress poll rated B- released October 15th has Trump leading 48% to 47%. Considering Data for Progress tends to favor blue team candidates, and the lack of polling in the Hawkeye State, this one might be safely moving into the President’s column as we get closer to election day …

6.538 Iowa President

The 538 model assumes correlation with other state and national polls. … Mayor Pete is leading in 3 of the last 4 Iowa Polls published .. Nate has him in 3rd … The former vice president is on a second extended bus tour now — and the campaign just announced a separate surrogate bus tour next week with former Secretary of State …

7.538 Iowa President

Our presidential forecast determines which party gets control when the Senate is evenly split. When both parties hold 50 seats, control of the Senate is decided by which party holds the vice presidency in our presidential forecast. Counts of Democratic seats include two independent senators who caucus with the Democrats.

8.538 Iowa President

Polling conducted for the 2020 Senate election in Iowa. Polling conducted for the 2020 Senate election in Iowa. Search our Site: … 2020 Electoral College Map 2020 Election Calendar Latest Presidential Election Polls 2020 Polling Averages by State Pundit Forecasts 2020 Simulation Historical Elections 2020 Democratic Primary 2020 Republican …

9.538 Iowa President

Poll results and election surveys for the 2020 U.S. presidential election, including polling data and who is leading between Trump and Biden in key swing states.

10.538 Iowa President

NATIONAL POLLING. Polls shown below track voters’ views nationwide on the 2020 presidential election between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden.Polls are only displayed …

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1.Latest Iowa Poll has Joni Ernst pulling ahead of Greenfield

The Iowa Poll by the Des Moines Register and Mediacom has (R) Sen. Joni Ernst slightly ahead of Democratic candidate Theresa Greenfield. The Iowa Poll has Ern

Published Date: 2020-11-01T03:40:00.0000000Z

2.Explainer: How the Electoral College works & the path to a US President being elected

The world and its mother can’t help but be aware of the international importance of November 3, the day on which US citizens will take to the polls and elect either Donald Trump or Joe Biden to the White House.

Published Date: 2020-11-01T10:12:06.0000000Z

3.Biden vs Trump: US presidential election in numbers

Besides voting for president, millions of American voters will also be choosing members of the country’s 117th Congress.

Published Date: 2020-10-31T00:00:00.0000000Z

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1  The Results In Iowa l FiveThirtyEight Politics Podcast
The crew discusses the results — so far — from the Iowa caucuses. They also check in on the race in New Hampshire and the vote to acquit President Trump. Website: Twitter: Facebook: Podcast: …
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2  FiveThirtyEight Politics Podcast: A 4-way pileup In Iowa
The FiveThirtyEight Politics crew updates their thinking about who is likely to win in Iowa and how it could affect the rest of the Democratic primary. Website: Twitter: Facebook: Podcast: …
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1.2016 United States presidential election in Iowa

The 2016 United States presidential election in Iowa was held on November 8, 2016, as part of the 2016 United States presidential election in which all…

2.2020 United States Senate election in Iowa

Senate election in Iowa will be held on November 3, 2020, to elect a member of the United States Senate to represent the State of Iowa, concurrently with…

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