A face tattoo at work?

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1.A face tattoo at work?

A face tattoo at work? A recent viral post on LinkedIn by an animator in Austin, Texas, notes that his very evident face tattoos haven’t harmed his career, despite many thinking they would.

2.A face tattoo at work?

That a face tattoo can make it hard to get work. A new survey shows that 78% of HR decision-makers would be less likely to hire a candidate who had one. That’s a lot.

3.A face tattoo at work?

Tattoos used to be considered part of a counterculture. It’s probably a fair statement to say that for years, many people associated tattoos with gangs, bikers, and other groups that were thought to operate outside of the social center. Today, tattoos have gained wider social acceptance and more and more people, men and women alike, have them.

4.A face tattoo at work?

“Face tattoos are almost always a non-starter outside of hourly work,” he said. Tattoos, in general, are becoming more mainstream; one in five Americans has one. But tattoos above the neckline …

5.A face tattoo at work?

She has 15 tattoos, including half sleeves on her arms, tattoos on her lower arms and one on the edge of her hand. “I work with the construction industry where people can be a bit sensible.

6.A face tattoo at work?

For example, if you work in an industry that requires a lot of face-time with customers or if it involves being in front of a camera, then it would make sense not to hire someone whose face is covered in tattoos. A word of caution, though: refusing to hire a person who has tattoos is cause for discriminatory action, especially if there’s no …

7.A face tattoo at work?

I work at a Walmart where one of our loss prevention guys has a full neck/some face tattoos. I’m talking teardrops with an eyebrow tat and a big scrawling word up to his neck. These actually help him follow people around the store without them noticing because he looks like the type of guy our management would be wary of.

8.A face tattoo at work?

Tattoos are no longer a symbol of rebellion, but something along the lines of commonplace. According to a recent Harris Poll, approximately three in 10 Americans have a tattoo. That’s more than twice the percentage recorded in their 2008 survey. Thirty-five percent of the 18 to 24-year-old population in the U.S. claimed to have at least one …

9.A face tattoo at work?

No. I think it’s a ridiculous thing to do. It screams “Look at me everybody!!” Forget it. It’s also extremely unprofessional looking. It would seriously make me question that person’s maturity level. But I guess it would depend what line of work y…

10.A face tattoo at work?

30-year-old Michigan man Eric Hartsburg accepted $15,000 in exchange for getting a Romney/Ryan tattoo on his face during the duo’s failed election campaign. Though Hartsburg initially said he had no regrets, he later (wait for it!) said he regretted the decision. “I’m the guy who has egg all over his face, but instead of egg, it’s a big …

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