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Elizabeth Keadle, Al Gore’s New Girlfriend, A Democratic Donor Devoted To Environmental Causes Two years after his divorce from Tipper, Al Gore is re-entering the dating world. Gore’s new girlfriend, Elizabeth Keadle, is a Democratic donor with a background in science, the Washington Post reports . gore girlfriend elizabeth keadle

Former Vice President Al Gore is now dating Elizabeth Keadle, pictured, a wealthy Democratic donor from San Deigo, and went on a recent trip to Antarctica with her and Sir Richard Branson. gore girlfriend elizabeth keadle

Gore has been tied to California activist and donor Elizabeth Keadle, according to the Post, and an unnamed close friend confirmed to ABC News that the two are dating “seriously.” gore girlfriend elizabeth keadle

Elizabeth Keadle is said to be an investor who has been tied to the Democratic Political Party since the early 2000s. According to some of the reports, she has invested more than $100 thousand for various Democrats. In fact, she even helped Al Gore to buy Current TV back in the year 2004. gore girlfriend elizabeth keadle

The Post reports that Keadle was not a factor in Gore’s split from his wife. Keadle’s ex-husband is “biotech entrepreneur” Lyle Turner. She has been tied to Al Gore and Democrats for a long time … gore girlfriend elizabeth keadle

Al Gore has a girlfriend: … By The Reliable Source. May 17, 2012. Al Gore has been seriously dating Elizabeth Keadle … Her name is Elizabeth Keadle — better known as Liz — a well … gore girlfriend elizabeth keadle

Elizabeth Keadle has been confirmed as the girlfriend of Al Gore. (Jon Clark/Rancho Santa Fe Review) Post-separation, Tipper, 65, moved to Santa Barbara, Calif., to focus on her passion for … gore girlfriend elizabeth keadle

Al, 64, has paired up with Democratic and environmental activist Elizabeth Keadle, 53. Tipper, 63, has recently stepped out with former National Geographic editor Bill Allen, 71, who shares the … gore girlfriend elizabeth keadle

It seems that Tipper Gore has met a special someone – the former editor-in-chief of National Georgraphic, Bill Allen. Al Gore was recently linked to wealthy philanthropist Elizabeth Keadle. gore girlfriend elizabeth keadle

Since her separation from former VP Al Gore after 40 years of marriage, … has been seen out and about with big time environmentalist and Democratic donor Elizabeth Keadle. Now, suddenly, …

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2010. "Al Gore has a girlfriend: California donor and activist Elizabeth Keadle". The Washington Post. May 17, 2012. Turque, Inventing Al Gore, p. 59…

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