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Alfred Bourgeois Wiki – Alfred Bourgeois Biography Truck driver Alfred Bourgeois from Louisiana, who was sentenced to death for murdering his 2-year-old daughter, will be executed on Friday, December 11th. the administration resumed executions after 17 years.

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Alfred Bourgeois Wiki – Biography Alfred Bourgeois, A Louisiana truck driver convicted of murdering his 2-year-old daughter is scheduled to be federally executed on Friday. Alfred Bourgeois is scheduled to be executed a day later on Dec. 11.

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Alfred Bourgeois is set to die Friday after he was convicted of killing his 2-year-old daughter by repeatedly slamming her head into a truck’s windows and dashboard. — Mike Balsamo (@MikeBalsamo1) December 11, 2020. 10 Facts On Alfred Bourgeois. Alfred Bourgeois is currently 56 years old, confirmed by The SUN, So he was born in 1964.

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Alfred Bourgeois was identified as the father and Katrina sued for child support. At the time Bourgeois was living in LaPlace, Louisiana, with his wife Robin, and their two children. At a child support hearing in May 2002, Bourgeois was ordered to pay child support. Bourgeois was also granted custody of JG for seven weeks.

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Alfred Bourgeois is an infamous murderer from Louisiana. He is one of several prisoners set to be executed by the federal government in the year 2020. He became the headline in the media and newspaper when he brutally murders his own daughter in July 2002, while working at Naval Air Station-Corpus Christi.

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Alfred Bourgeois Wiki – Alfred Bourgeois Biography. Alfred Bourgeois is scheduled to be executed on December 11 for the 2004 conviction of the brutal murder of his 2-year-old daughter. He will be the 10th federal inmate to be put to death since July, and the second federal inmate to be executed in two days.

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Alfred Bourgeois spent 15 years on death row while the federal government had executions on hold. Now, he’s set to face death by lethal injection in January for a crime he committed in 2002. Alfred…

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Alfred Bourgeois, 55 is one of the five federal inmates whose execution was ordered by Attorney General, Bill Barr on July 2019 after a 16-year lapse in federal executions.

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A federal jury deliberated for more than five hours before returning the death sentence for Alfred Bourgeois, 39, of La Place, La., who prosecutors said staged a fall in an attempt to cover the abuse.

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Bourgeois, a truck driver by trade, was arrested on June 28, 2002, after medical personal at Driscoll Children’s Hospital in Corpus Christi determined that the story given by Bourgeois and his family as the cause of his 2-year-old daughter’s death was false.

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Trump’s final days". BBC News. 2020-12-10. Retrieved 2020-12-12. "Alfred Bourgeois executed: Child killer second to have lethal injection in two days"…

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