American airlines flight canceled masks

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1.American airlines flight canceled masks

Passengers aboard an American Airlines flight to the Bahamas spent an unexpected night in Charlotte, North Carolina, after unruly passengers refused to comply with a federal mask mandate. The …

2.American airlines flight canceled masks

A group of more than 30 teens from Boston refused to wear face masks on a plane to the Bahamas on Monday — forcing American Airlines to cancel the flight. “It was bad. First, they were yelling.

3.American airlines flight canceled masks

A group of teenagers on their way to the Bahamas for a graduation trip were in for a surprise when their flight was canceled due to their refusal to wear masks. American Airlines flight 893 …

4.American airlines flight canceled masks

Travelers hoping to escape to the Bahamas had their flight out of North Carolina delayed overnight because a group of passengers refused to wear masks, according to American Airlines. Flight 893 …

5.American airlines flight canceled masks

Passengers on an American Airlines flight had a major setback to their vacations Monday when a group of high schoolers refusing to wear masks on the plane caused their flight to be canceled….

6.American airlines flight canceled masks

An American Airlines flight to the Bahamas was canceled Monday night because some among a group of high school students, reportedly from Massachusetts, refused to wear their masks.

7.American airlines flight canceled masks

A flight from North Carolina to the Bahamas was delayed overnight this week after a slate of disruptions, including teenage passengers reportedly refusing to wear face masks during the ongoing …

8.American airlines flight canceled masks

American Airlines flight to the Bahamas canceled when Massachusetts high schoolers refused to wear masks Updated 12:17 PM; Today 12:17 PM An American Airlines jet at Dallas-Fort Worth …

9.American airlines flight canceled masks

American Airlines said the teens were kicked off flight 893 from Charlotte to Nassau after they were told to wear federally mandated masks, caused a scene, and did not follow the instructions of …

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1.‘Obnoxious’ high schoolers refusing to wear masks caused flight to Bahamas to be cancelled

A group of high school students who refused to wear masks, led to American Airlines cancelling a flight to the Bahamas from North Carolina’s Charlotte Douglas International Airport on Monday. The American Airlines Flight 893 to Nassau,

Published Date: 2021-07-07T13:48:00.0000000Z

1  Unruly passengers delay flight to Bahamas
A trip to the Bahamas is now on pause after some delays from Charlotte Douglas International Airport, including some passengers being disruptive. American Airlines confirmed the flight was delayed until Tuesday for all customers, and customers were provided with meal vouchers and hotel rooms. According to a spokesperson with American Airlines …
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