Another blow to co-working spaces

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1.Another blow to co-working spaces

Startup spaces like Techstars are very similar to coworking when it comes to the communal aspect of the term—they often create a strong sense of community. They differ in how they take clients, though.

2.Another blow to co-working spaces

Another way to say Co-working? 45 synonyms for Co-working (other words and phrases for Co-working).

3.Another blow to co-working spaces

Coworking spaces have numerous benefits for members, such as a lack of distractions, improved productivity, socialization, networking, flexibility and amenities like free coffee. If you’ve chosen to open a coworking space, one of the most important decisions is naming it, since this will be first impression you make upon potential clients.

4.Another blow to co-working spaces

Co-working spaces create the best of both worlds for freelancers: The flexibility of choosing your own hours and schedule without the isolation. These shared spaces are thus great for freelancers. A feeling of community is created for those that would otherwise be forced to work alone at home, or a coffee shop.

5.Another blow to co-working spaces

The Growth of Coworking . Now a global phenomenon, coworking spaces are popping up in most major cities with an annual growth rate of 24.2%. It is predicted that there will be more than 30,432 coworking spaces and over 5.1 million coworking members by the year 2022.

6.Another blow to co-working spaces

Coworking Space Design (The Personality) First of all, it’s majorly caused by the coworking space design. Design is a major factor why people tend to choose coworking space rather than an ordinary corporate office. Coworking space tend to have more personality than the usual office. Some coworking space looks like a mixture of fun and funky …

7.Another blow to co-working spaces

3. Focus on Community First, Space Second. When I say community I don’t mean the town you are in, I mean the relationships built between your members. Don’t get me wrong, you have to have some sort of space to have coworking, but the space doesn’t define the community, the community defines the space.

8.Another blow to co-working spaces

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9.Another blow to co-working spaces

Another perk of coworking spaces when it comes to maintaining a social life as a digital nomad are the connections that actually transcend borders. Organizations like WeWork are a good fit for digital nomads because they are a global coworking network with spaces around the world rather than just in one city.

10.Another blow to co-working spaces

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1.Knotel files for bankruptcy protection, becomes latest co-working provider to falter in pandemic

Full Disclaimer Co-working provider Knotel Inc. has filed for creditor protection in the U.S., the latest flexible office company to be devastated by the COVID-19 pandemic. New York-based Knotel’s filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection is another sign that the shared office business is struggling to withstand a severe economic downturn that has most office staff working from home.

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1  Co-working: When the home office is away from home
Freelancers, consultants and entrepreneurs no longer need to work out of their homes or garages. Instead, they can rent space at “co-working” firms, such as WeWork, that provide a place to plug in as well as all the perks of a shared office space, from baristas and tap rooms to day care. Tony Dokoupil examines the co-working industry, which has …
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