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Antifa (/ æ n ˈ t iː f ə, ˈ æ n t i ˌ f ɑː /) is an anti-fascist and left-wing political movement in the United States comprising an array of autonomous groups that aim to achieve their objectives through the use of both nonviolent and violent direct action rather than through policy reform. A highly decentralized movement, antifa political activists are anti-racists who engage in …
omeone is organizing criminals and vandals to loot and destroy cities but the corporate media don’t seem all that interested in getting to the bottom of it. In fact, Democrats and their allies in the press have been actively engaging in misdirection, lamely accusing white supremacists of being behind the mayhem plaguing “peaceful protests.”
After protests in Charlottesville, Virginia, turned violent on Saturday, leaving three people dead and dozens more injured, onlookers began to wonder what happened, who was involved and why.
The claim: redirects to Joe Biden’s campaign website. Viral Facebook posts insinuate ties between Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and the left-wing, anti-fascist political …
Social media posts imply Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden supports or is supported by anti-fascist group Antifa because the URL redirects to As of this fact …
A Roman Catholic church outside Detroit apologized after a priest used his homily to equate Black Lives Matter and Antifa demonstrators to the same people who carried out the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
Anti-fascist political group’s website redirects to Joe Biden’s campaign website as Trump supporters lose their minds. Donald Trump’s supporters lost their minds over Twitter yesterday after it was discovered that for a period of time during the day, anti-fascist political movement Antifa’s website,, redirected users to Joe Biden’s website,
Antifa is an umbrella term to describe radical left-leaning militant groups that typically confront neo-Nazism and white supremacists at demonstrations. Continue Reading Below Public and elected …
Did Redirect to Biden’s Official Campaign Website? If it was a prank, it wouldn’t be the first time the politician has been targeted in such a way.
Records for “” in the domain name database show the site was registered in the Russian Federation from 2013 through last July. Starting last November, the site’s registration was moved to Panama, The website has always been anonymously registered and its owners could not be reached for comment.

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1How questionable money funds Democrats, anarchy and the Biden-Harris ticket
Donate to Black Lives Matter on the web site and the money goes through Act Blue, a Democrat fundraising apparatus. How can Joe Biden say that he condemns the violence and rioting that Soros funded Antifa groups and Black Lives Matter have spread across our country?
Published Date: 2020-09-29T19:59:00.0000000Z

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1 Redirects to Joe Biden Campaign Website
This video was made in response to the accusation that hackers took over to paint Joe Biden in a bad light. The very fact that shows it has been redirecting to Joe Bidens campaign site for 4 days is hard to believe that hackers took over the site. Of course, once it was realized, it was taken down, which really makes …
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1Antifa (United States)
Antifa (/ænˈtiːfə, ˈæntiˌfɑː/) is an anti-fascist and left-wing political movement in the United States comprising an array of autonomous groups that aim… (United States)

2Retribution (professional wrestling)
disqualification. Due to their attire and demeanor, Retribution has been compared to Antifa and similar groups. Powell, Jason (August 3, 2020). "8/3 WWE Raw Results:… (professional wrestling)

3Violence and controversies during the George Floyd protests
"Analysis | Who caused the violence at protests? It wasn’t antifa" – via Burch, Audra D. S.; Cai, Weiyi; Gianordoli, Gabriel; McCarthy… and controversies during the George Floyd protests