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1.antifas meaning #antifas

Since Fascism originated in reaction to revolutionary socialism, and #AntiFas are left-wingers trying to impose their will on society (as the left-wing tends to do) (how’s that not revolutionary?), anyone who opposes them is by their definition a fascist. (Helped by the fact that fascists are the very definition of evil, according to the hysterics…

2.antifas meaning #antifas

Thread by @BLUEPRINT_Q: #WWG1WGA THREAD: #AntifaTerrorist Org designation is a deafening Q proof All 36 #QAnon drops on #Antifas from Oct. 30esterday (includes Big Tech EO) Q is the greatest Military Intelligence event in US/WW history. Patriots are in T…

3.antifas meaning #antifas

#antifas #antifascisme #antifascistem #antifascistes; 0 | 25 | 50. PRCF @prcf CC BY-NC-ND 7/05/2020. Au nom de la liberté, de la #paix et de la vérité – contre le #Fascisme et la #guerre ! le PRCF signe la déclaration internationale de 60 partis communistes et ouvriers.

4.antifas meaning #antifas

A large Antifa mob attacked a group of pro-Trump attendees of a Free Speech Rally held at Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco. One video shows one of the men wearing black bloc sucker-punching one of the event organizers, a Black man. At least two people sustained injuries requiring medical attention during the attack. (Article by […]

5.antifas meaning #antifas

Articles traitant de #Antifas écrits par Nathalie MP Meyer. Je vous souhaite de très joyeuses fêtes de Noël 2019 ! De mon côté, ce sera comme d’habitude, en famille et en montagne, car par une heureuse coïncidence, la semaine de Noël correspond pour moi à une semaine sans chimio !

6.antifas meaning #antifas

All 36 #QAnon drops on #Antifas from Oct. 30 2017 to yesterday (includes Big Tech EO) Q is the greatest Military Intelligence event in US/WW history. Patriots are in TOTAL control.

7.antifas meaning #antifas

Antifas assembled outside what they believed to be Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s home in Washington, D.C. to conduct a rowdy, intrusive, and most of all, violent protest. The group of protesters became violent when they started chanting threatening messages against Carlson, their perceived owner of the home they were disturbed at that time.

8.antifas meaning #antifas

The following report is an analysis of computational propaganda, the Jewish American community, and the 2018 elections. As part of the wider paper series focused on “humanizing the effects of computational propaganda” this empirical work details the ways in which the Jewish socio-religious population in the U.S. is being disproportionately targeted with disinformation and abuse during this …

9.antifas meaning #antifas

Firearm Discussion and Resources from AR-15, AK-47, Handguns and more! Buy, Sell, and Trade your Firearms and Gear.

10.antifas meaning #antifas

Originally Posted By walkinginadangerzone: Don’t know if it’s been answered since I’m behind, but yes. A black guy wearing a sleeveless shirt with horizontal gray, white, and black stripes through a piece of brick.

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1.Iron Front

Front, the KPD founded its own activist wing, the Antifaschistische Aktion (Antifa), which opposed social democrats and Nazis. In 1933, the Iron Front was…

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trousers of the prisoners. These mandatory badges of shame had specific meanings indicated by their colour and shape. Such emblems helped guards assign…

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