Apple Car: For Real This time?

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1.Apple Car: For Real This time?

So much time and money invested can only mean one thing: There will be an Apple Car some day! Therein lies the first misunderstanding. Apple’s vast R&D budget — $18.75B in 2020, more than GM and Ford combined — allows the company to pursue many projects and only ship the ones that show real promise.

2.Apple Car: For Real This time?

The report says discussions were had on Tuesday related to “Apple Car cooperation”. According to the report, when Kia “confirms” this, the project will be carried out at the company’s West Point plant in Georgia, US. The report notes that making the car in the United States would “facilitate cooperation with Apple”.

3.Apple Car: For Real This time?

Apple Car: For Real This time? – Jean-Louis Gassée. by Jean-Louis GasséeHere we go again: Apple is rumored to build an electric and, hopefully, electrifying car.

4.Apple Car: For Real This time?

The only feasible route to this is if Apple sold a car that allowed for increased utilization. (E.g. person-in-car 95% of the time vs 5% of the time) If it were providing value more of the time, it could cost more and still be worth the increase in price.

5.Apple Car: For Real This time?

Apple’s car of the future may not be just a dream but a reality. The rumors about the possibility that the Cupertino company is really in talks with Hyundai for the construction of an Apple C…

6.Apple Car: For Real This time?

Sometimes you wait forever for an Apple Car rumor then two come along at once. Following yesterday’s fanciful talk of a 2021 Apple Car launch, a much more realistic-sounding report claims that…

7.Apple Car: For Real This time?

But it’s also not that simple: The car itself is “real,” in that it’s being built and tested, but it’s not “real” in the sense that you will be able to trade your hard-earned money to own one….

8.Apple Car: For Real This time?

Will Apple Car ever be real? It’s worth noting that Apple’s main contract manufacturer, Foxconn, has been looking to expand into the electric vehicle (EV) market, recently unveiling an open,…

9.Apple Car: For Real This time?

Hello everyone, in this video; our topic is A Car Is Coming From Apple This Time: Here’s All Known Features and Possible Price.We usually refer to the US tec…

10.Apple Car: For Real This time?

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1.Apple’s mythical electric car is real – here’s when it’s coming

Apple may partner up with Hyundai Motor to help it manufacture a brand new electric car. Apple’s long-rumored EV may arrive as early as 2027. Rumor has it that Apple is currently working on

Published Date: 2021-01-11T14:09:00.0000000Z

2.An ‘Apple Car’ EV? What we know and how we got here

Apple has gifted the … It had purchased a variety of real estate property in that area, fueling speculation as the area checked a lot of boxes for building a car. This move, along with the …

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