are rhett and link democrats

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1Rhett & Link

Rhett & Link are an American comedy duo consisting of Rhett McLaughlin (born October 11, 1977) and Charles Lincoln “Link” Neal III (born June 1, 1978). Self-styled as “Internetainers” (portmanteau of “Internet” and “entertainers”), they are known for creating and hosting the YouTube series Good Mythical Morning.Their other notable projects include comedic songs and sketches, their Independent …

2are rhett and link democrats
Well, in Monday’s GMM Rhett made a jab at Donald Trump. So either they are Cruz supporters or Dems. I am leaning towards the latter. Also, I’m not implying that Republicans can’t be feminists, but they seem to be feminists and anti-sexist…

3are rhett and link democrats
Rhett McLaughlin. Follow. … Not only was Bailey a fan (or Mythical Beast as we call them), but I’ve got two kids attending public schools, while Link has three. Alas, …

4are rhett and link democrats
Do you think Rhett and Link are conservative? After doing some light Facebook creeping, it’s pretty clear that Link’s mom and ESPECIALLY his stepfather Lewis are right-wing Christians (which, yeah, is to be expected).

5Rhett & Link

Famous YouTube comedians, Rhett McLaughlin and Charles “Link” Neal, more commonly known as Rhett and Link, prove they can be as charming off screen as they are on, with their debut book, a New York Times Best Seller, “Rhett and Link’s Book of Mythicality: A Field Guide to Curiosity, Creativity and Tomfoolery.”. In the book, an autobiography accompanied by photos, goofy graphics and …


I’ve always been interested in YouTuber’s political leanings. Do you think Rhett and Link have liberal, conservative, or libertarian leanings? They strike me as conservatives, cause of the rural North Carolina area they’re from, they’re devout Christians (there’s proof of that), and, Rhett made a Pro-Gun Rights statement on a video once

7are rhett and link democrats
Democrat According to the following link, … Is Rhett and link republican or democrat? Unanswered Questions. What are the benefits and possible pitfalls of having an official curriculum?

8are rhett and link democrats
Rhett and Link tasted a dish with Italian sausage and sliced ham buried under home fries, macaroni salad, onions, a dry excuse for Rochester hot sauce, and mustard. There was also an inexplicable …

9are rhett and link democrats
Rhett and Link should have put their foot down. Like I said i’m middle of the road on just about every movement so this isn’t just cause i’m grrrr so angry at jen, though I can see why some are. I’m here to be the voice of reason and warning, if GMM becomes a show about bashing 1 side of any issues of the other or supporting 1 side of the other I will not watch.

10Rhett & Link

Leave it to Rhett & Link to break down the differences between geeks and nerds. For the unschooled there’s this 2105 Webby Winning video in which the duo spit rhymes and drop knowledge on how nerds are super smart and geeks are also smart, but also kinda cool in an ironic way. It’s hip-hop, Rhett & Link style.

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1  The Democrats’ Mad Dash to Stop Sanders | 3/3/20
Steve Deace recounts the wild 24 hours it’s been for Democrats, as Joe Biden racks up an avalanche of endorsements prior to Super Tuesday voting. Steve and Aaron also discuss how far the DNC may be willing to go to stop Bernie Sanders. In Hour Two, the team examines the apostasy of well-known YouTube stars Rhett and Link. They also try to …
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slaves, are mad, or worse than mad, who do not hold their destinies in their own hands. In 1832, Rhett became South Carolina attorney general and served… Rhett

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Steve Carell plays Jeff Bezos – and won’t stop trolling Trump". The Washington Post. Retrieved November 19, 2018. Jones, Rhett. "Jeff Bezos Eats Iguana, Vows… Bezos

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