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1.Best Settings For Moon Photography

The Best Gear for Moon Photography. You only need a handful of tools when photographing the moon. Below is a list of the essential items you’ll need as well as a few affordable alternatives.

2.Best Settings For Moon Photography

Image by Kenrick Mills The Best Mobile Apps To Choose Location And Time For Shooting The Moon. Photopills is an excellent iOS app which can be used to determine the position and phase of the moon as well as the position and elevation of the Milky Way.. For Android users, an equally great photography planning app alternative is The Photographer’s Ephemeris.

3.Best Settings For Moon Photography

Camera or exposure settings to photograph Moon. Shooting the moon and stars involves a lot of trial and error, and being able to manually focus and expose shots is essential. However, Some modern DSLR can handle both exposure & Auto focusing quite efficiently. Spot metering is perfect for photographing the moon.

4.Best Settings For Moon Photography

Choose Proper Camera Settings – It is important to know which camera settings work best for moon photography, especially when using long super telephoto lenses and telescopes. Long shutter speeds and camera shake can be huge sources of problems, making the Moon and its details appear blurry.

5.Best Settings For Moon Photography

For best moon photography results, bracket your shots. Some cameras will have an automatic bracketing feature, but if yours doesn’t, you can simply do it manually. First, take one shot at the automatically-determined settings. Then, using exposure compensation, take the same shot at -0.5EV, and one at +0.5EV.

6.Best Settings For Moon Photography

By using manual focus, if you’re camera settings aren’t spot-on for any reason, you will still have reasonably sharp photos that you can recover in your editing software. If you apply all of these tips, you’ll achieve better Moon photography and be equipped to photograph the Moon at the best time.

7.Best Settings For Moon Photography

Photos of the moon are beautiful if done well, but it can be very hard to get a picture of the moon that doesn’t look blurry! Once you’re aware of what equipment you need, when to take the best photos, and how to set up your camera, you’ll be able to get great shots of the moon.

8.Best Settings For Moon Photography

The best way to focus is to use Live View mode, then zoom in and carefully manually focus on the moon’s surface. Make the moon bigger Image credit: Thomas Kinto on Unsplash

9.Best Settings For Moon Photography

The crescent moon is difficult to photograph due to the smaller reflecting visible surface area of the satellite. Two things are working in the photographer’s favor: 1. the sky is brighter when the crescent moon is overhead and, 2. today’s digital cameras are getting better and better, with high ISO images allowing faster shutter speeds that will help reduce motion blur and keep the …

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