Breast cancer treatment in india

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1.Breast cancer treatment in india

The Breast Cancer Treatment cost in India depends basically on various factors such as the type of treatment, type of hospital, location of the hospital, surgeon’s expertise, patient’s medical condition, the status of the hospital and many more.

2.Breast cancer treatment in india

Plan Your Breast Cancer Treatment in India Breast Cancer Treatment involves the removal of cancerous cells in the breasts. At times it may also involve the removal of the breast which is called mastectomy. Advancements in technology are bringing in more and more treatments to cure breast cancer completely.

3.Breast cancer treatment in india

The average cost of Breast Cancer Treatment in India varies from 2000-7000 USD. The price is based upon the kind of therapy and period of the disease. The patient must be there for 3 days in the hospital and 15 days away from the hospital.

4.Breast cancer treatment in india

The average cost of Breast cancer treatment in India is in the range of USD 3000 to USD 7000. The cost would depend on the type of treatment and stage of cancer.

5.Breast cancer treatment in india

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6.Breast cancer treatment in india

On an average, breast cancer treatment cost in India is 4000-7000 $ i.e 2,56,000-4,48,000 Indian rupee which is 80% less than US and UK rates. Cancer procedures like chemotherapy and medicines are expensive. It is financially challenging for an average man to bear the cost of treatment especially if there is no insurance coverage.

7.Breast cancer treatment in india

The amalgamation of the best breast cancer doctors in India with finest talent, latest equipments and deep expertise in combating the breast cancer with a team using the best of surgical procedures, radiation therapy, chemotherapy and hormonal therapy delivers the best in class outcomes.

8.Breast cancer treatment in india

Breast cancer doctors in India have the required training and qualifications for delivering excellent results. Every month over two dozen breast cancer patients get in touch with our company and seek medical treatment assistance in India.

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