Bria martone wedding pictures

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1.Bria martone wedding pictures

Unpolished star Bria Martone (Lexi Martone’s sister) is in full-fledged bridal mode. Her wedding to fiance Matt Mancuso is now eight months away. So, the in-demand hairdresser and salon Martone co-owner is starting the year off with a huge girls day out to take care of wedding-related business.

2.Bria martone wedding pictures

On TLC’s Unpolished introduced us to Bria Martone and her sister, Lexi Martone. The women run a salon in New York and the new season of the show will begin on January 12 at 10 p.m EST. The women have gone through a lot since the pandemic began and a lot of the drama from the last season came from Bria’s engagement to Matt Mancuso.

3.Bria martone wedding pictures

Bria Martone and Matthew Mancuso from Huntington, NY have registered at Amazon for their wedding on August 23, 2020. Browse all their registries in one list.

4.Bria martone wedding pictures

Unpolished stars Bria Martone and Matt Mancuso feature in teasers for the show. It premieres on TLC on Tuesday, January 12 at 10 pm ET/PT. Last season, fans saw that Bria and Matt planned an elopement. However, they changed their minds after they realized family would want to share in their happy day.

5.Bria martone wedding pictures

In the spoilers that we have seen for Unpolished, we will revisit Bria Martone’s commitment to her boyfriend. Lexi just doesn’t like him and now that Bria is marrying him, the drama has been turned up a notch. The salon also had to close because of the pandemic and this is one of the main reasons the Martone family is having money problems.

6.Bria martone wedding pictures

Unpolished stars Bria Martone and Matt Mancuso have certainly had their fair share of relationship ups and downs over the decade they’ve been a couple. The duo got engaged back in August of 2018 while TLC’s cameras rolled. Now they’re in the process of planning to tie the knot this September as long as the COVID-19 restrictions allow for the gathering.

7.Bria martone wedding pictures

Bria and Lexi Martone were close, but the relationship with Matt Mancuso strained things for the couple. He and Bria got engaged during Season 1 of Unpolished, and now, it looks like their wedding …

8.Bria martone wedding pictures

Jennifer Martone and Foxy Grandma Jennifer, Bria, Lexi and Foxy Grandma from ‘Unpolished’ (TLC) Jennifer Martone is the Kris Jenner of the Martone family. She manages the business as well as the careers of her two children. Eleanor Varozzi aka Foxy Grandma is a hairstylist and Bria seems to have taken after her and inherited her talents.

9.Bria martone wedding pictures

Bria Martone is a member of the Long Island Family featured on the reality television series “Unpolished.” The show made its debut on November 17, 2019. Bria is the co-owner of the Long Island …

10.Bria martone wedding pictures

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