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1.Cake By The Ocean Meaning

Cake by the ocean is a euphemism for having sex at the beach. It comes from the title of the band DNCE’s 2015 debut single, “Cake by the Ocean.” Where does cake by the ocean come from? The phrase cake by the ocean originated from the title of the band DNCE’s 2015 debut single of the same name.

2.Cake By The Ocean Meaning

Clifford Stumme SONG MEANING: “Cake by the Ocean” by DNCE is about sex and sexual fantasy. Keep reading to see how. *Due to the nature of the song being explained, the lyrics discussed in this blog post may not be suitable for younger children.*

3.Cake By The Ocean Meaning

Instead, “cake by the ocean” is a phrase that got lost in translation in the studio — “Working on the record, these Swedish producers that we were working with kept confusing ‘sex on the beach …

4.Cake By The Ocean Meaning

Top definition cake by the ocean When old Disney Channel stars sing about having sex on the beach. Yo babe, let’s eat cake by the ocean.

5.Cake By The Ocean Meaning

If you think DNCE’s “Cake by the Ocean” sounds an awful lot like “sex on the beach,” it’s because it does — and it’s exactly what the band means by it.

6.Cake By The Ocean Meaning

“Working on the record, these Swedish producers that we were working with, they kept confusing ‘sex on the beach’ with ‘cake by the ocean,’ so that’s how the song started,” Joe explained.

7.Cake By The Ocean Meaning

Meaning of “Cake by the Ocean” by DNCE by SMF · Published May 4, 2019 · Updated September 24, 2019 DNCE’s “Cake by the ocean” is actually a euphemism for having an intimate interaction with someone on the beach. By virtue of this, the lyrics of this song are full of sensual innuendos.

8.Cake By The Ocean Meaning

“Eat” could mean hang out, while “cake” is a hot girl. The song basically talks about a guy wanting to hang out with a hot girl and party-ing all day, going wild. :By the Ocean” would be the place they’re hanging out at. (then again, my opinion)

9.Cake By The Ocean Meaning

What is “Cake By The Ocean”? Joe Jonas of DNCE explained: “It could mean the actual act of having sex by the ocean, or it could mean eating pastries by the boardwalk. It’s whatever you want it to be. We think of it as a party anthem for any occasion.”

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1  DNCE – Cake By The Ocean
Cake By The Ocean (Official Video) Song taken from the SWAAY EP Download: Stream/Share “Cake By The Ocean” on Spotify: Follow DNCE Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: …
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