california man arrested for paddle boarding

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1.california man arrested for paddle boarding

A man paddle boarding near the Malibu Pier was arrested Thursday after authorities said he disobeyed lifeguards and violated a statewide stay-at-home order amid the coronavirus pandemic.

2.california man arrested for paddle boarding

The man chose to stay in the water near the pier for more than 30 minutes before swimming to shore, where he was arrested for disobeying lifeguard warnings and violating California Gov. Gavin …

3.california man arrested for paddle boarding

A Southern California paddleboarder was arrested Thursday for violating the statewide “Safer at Home” coronavirus order, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department confirmed.

4.california man arrested for paddle boarding

The suspect was in the water paddle boarding for 30 to 40 minutes … He was arrested for disobeying a … the ocean except for the man who was ticketed. California State Parks announced …

5.california man arrested for paddle boarding

Culture [VIDEO] California Authorities Arrest a Paddleboarder in the Ocean All By Himself for Violating “Social Distancing” The man was on a paddleboard in an ocean without a soul to be seen for miles and yet he was arrested for violating “social distancing” rules.

6.california man arrested for paddle boarding

A paddle boarder in Malibu was arrested because authorities say he violated the state’s stay-at-home order. The man was also arrested on suspicion of disobeying a lifeguard. See the sources for …

7.california man arrested for paddle boarding

According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, the unidentified man spent 30 to 40 minutes paddling in the ocean waters off Malibu Beach after refusing to heed orders from L.A. County …

8.california man arrested for paddle boarding

A paddle boarder was arrested by authorities in Southern California after ignoring lifeguards’ orders to get out of the ocean for at least 30 minutes despite statewide beach closures due to the …

9.california man arrested for paddle boarding

MALIBU – Police arrested a paddle boarder in Malibu Thursday for disobeying a lifeguard who told him to get out of the water near the Malibu Pier. Beaches in Southern California are closed due …

10.california man arrested for paddle boarding

SAN DIEGO (CNS) – A man who struck a popular local surfer in the head with a carbon fiber paddle in the water at Sunset Cliffs was sentenced Thursday to five years in state prison.

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Video shot by Brothers Marshall on April 2, 2020. A Los Angeles man was arrested at a popular First point Malibu for ignoring orders from local lifeguards to exit the water after Los Angeles county had closed beaches in response to the Corona Virus pandemic. @brothers_marshall
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2  Arrested for paddleboarding!
Watch the authorities arrest a lone paddle boarder in LA County, California. How is this man a danger to anyone? Why are the authorities treating freedom loving Americans like the subjects of a totalitarian regime?
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