CEOs denounce violence at Capitol

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1.CEOs denounce violence at Capitol

CEOs denounce violence at Capitol. Major U.S. business leaders and trade groups have denounced the violent Capitol riots, and some CEOs are now looking for ways to help ease President-elect Joe …

2.CEOs denounce violence at Capitol

The CEOs at America’s largest telecom providers — a heavily regulated group of public companies quite familiar with D.C. —wasted no time strongly denouncing the violence that erupted at the Capitol…

3.CEOs denounce violence at Capitol

Business leaders denounce storming the Capitol, but most avoid criticizing Trump by name … which is exclusively open to CEOs, blamed the violence on “elected officials’ perpetuation of the …

4.CEOs denounce violence at Capitol

CEOs, Industry Groups Denounce Capitol Riots Manufacturing trade group suggests President Trump be removed from office President-elect Joe Biden condemned violent rioters who broke into the Capitol…

5.CEOs denounce violence at Capitol

Thomas J. Donohue, CEO of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which represents more than three million businesses across the country, called for an end to the violence and for Congress to regroup in the evening to certify the Electoral College results. Congressional leaders said Wednesday evening they were preparing to do so.

6.CEOs denounce violence at Capitol

CEOs, Industry Groups Denounce Capitol Riots. 01/06/2021 | 06:28pm EST *: *: * By Emily Glazer, Chip Cutter and Lauren Weber . Business leaders and trade groups called for an end to the violence in Washington D.C. on Wednesday as supporters of President Trump stormed the Capitol where legislators were meeting to certify President-elect Joe …

7.CEOs denounce violence at Capitol

The lawlessness and violence occurring on Capitol Hill today is the antithesis of democracy and we strongly condemn it,” he said. IBM’s Chairman & CEO Arvind Krishna took to Twitter to codemn the attack on the Capitol. ” IBM condemns today’s unprecedented lawlessness and we call for it to end immediately.

8.CEOs denounce violence at Capitol

Reynolds, Iowa legislative leaders denounce Capitol violence James Q. Lynch Journal Des Moines Bureau Jan 7, 2021 Jan 7, 2021 {{featured_button_text}} Rep. Andy Kim, D-N.J., cleans up debris and …

9.CEOs denounce violence at Capitol

CEOs, Industry Groups Denounce Capitol Riots — Update … Hours after violence erupted at the Capitol complex, Mr. Trump urged supporters to go home while calling them “very special,” in a video released from the White House that also reiterated his debunked claims about the election results. While he called for protecting law enforcement, the …

10.CEOs denounce violence at Capitol

Denominational leaders denounce Capitol violence while evangelicals offer mixed responses. News Mark Wingfield. D.C. church hangs huge Black Lives Matter banners in view of Trump rally. News Jeff Brumley. Pastors respond to unbelievable events at Capitol on Epiphany 2021. News Mark Wingfield. Transitions for the week of 1-8-21. News Barbara Francis

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1.CEOs, Industry Groups Denounce Capitol Riots

A manufacturing trade group and a coalition of unions suggest President Trump should be removed from office.

Published Date: 2021-01-07T04:10:00.0000000Z

2.Business leaders denounce storming the Capitol, but most avoid criticizing Trump by name

Even as the Trump administration comes to its chaotic end, with calls for the president to be immediately removed from office, the business world is stepping delicately.

Published Date: 2021-01-08T16:10:00.0000000Z

1  C.H. Robinson CEO on the outlook for the trucking business
C.H. Robinson CEO Robert Biesterfeld joins “Squawk on the Street” to discuss the company’s freight business as well as the company’s comments on the violence at the U.S. Capitol.
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